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12-04-2005, 06:19 PM
Hey guys, I put in a thred a few months back about some pics I 've seen. Arm's with a wood cheek piece that maches the wood foregrip.But no one replied. Any info would be great.Thanks

12-04-2005, 09:46 PM
Yeah, I have seen them on Galil Snipers but never one loose.

12-10-2005, 07:55 PM
You could fill volumes with what jmike hasn't seen.
Here ya go:



12-10-2005, 08:47 PM
So you gonna come over and insult me here too, huh. Excuse me, let me scrape my shoes. Why don't you get a life. Read slowly, I didn't say they could not be found, only that I had never seen one. So lay off huh?

12-10-2005, 09:07 PM
Awe cmon jmike. Lighten up. I have nothing but respect for old farts. Just joshin ya.:D

12-10-2005, 11:54 PM
I too was messing with you just trying to see where it went. I get real bored :) Welcome to the slums and you got a great looking group of rifles there.

Oh but by the way , you ever cross me again and :50_cal

But I'm not near as bad as jeff cooper,

by the way anyone going to the Fort Myers show tomorrow, there is a wood 76 there going for 1100 with 3 mags on the front wall near the end.

12-11-2005, 04:33 PM
Thanks for the picture..not exactly what I was looking for, but close. The few I've seen match the forgrip w/the grooves and the pins and only comes off on one side, I think. Thanks again. Ps- you guys should play nice:)

12-11-2005, 10:03 PM
Now there's one I've never seen either!!! Then again, you could fill volumes with what I've never seen.
BTW, Playing nice is fine for pussies and geeks. Jmike and I call 'em like we see 'em.:D
If you find pics of the cheek piece you're talkin' about, I'd be interested in seein' those also.