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01-04-2005, 11:39 AM
2nd Annual UZI Talk Shoot
March 11-13, 2005
Las Vegas, Nevada

The first annual UZI Talk shoot was held last March and was a great success. We expect the 2005 event to be bigger and better. Here are the details for the event. Make your plans now! A note of warning: there is a large NASCAR event in Las Vegas that same weekend and the town will be very busy. You should make flight, hotel and rental car arrangements early (like right now) or you risk missing the opportunity to attend.

Current Agenda:
- Friday Afternoon: Informal shooting for anyone that arrives early enough and needs to get the party started.

- Friday Evening: Group dinner for anyone that wants to join us.

- Saturday Morning: Subgun match. You donít have to be experienced or have to use an UZI to participate.

- Saturday Afternoon: Vendor presentations and demonstrations. More details to be coming here but we hope this will be a great learning and hands on type of event.

- Saturday Evening: Group dinner for anyone that wants to join us.

- Sunday all day: Informal shooting in the desert. Lots of guns, lots of ammo, food on the grill. Any and all firearms welcome.

There is no fee for attending this event and there is no formal registration. However, Iím requesting that everyone attending send an email to me (RoverDave - librarian@uzitalk.com) letting me know that youíre coming, how many in your group and what days you expect to be there. This includes any of the local Las Vegas members who do not need travel or hotel arrangements. If you do not notify me of your attendance, there is no guarantee that there will be space for you at all of the events.

There is a block of rooms reserved at a designated hotel for people wanting to stay at the same location. Our goal is to provide an option that is clean, comfortable and affordable, but not the big Las Vegas experience. We have arranged for an armed security guard to watch our block of rooms Friday and Saturday evening while we are out for dinner. The rooms cost $65/night on Friday and Saturday, and $35/night on Thursday and Sunday. People wanting to stay at the designated hotel need to do the follow: Send an email to me (RoverDave - librarian@uzitalk.com) with your username, real name, home address, home phone number and a good day/time for me to call you. I will call you and give you information on how to book one of our reserved rooms. If you are interested in different accommodations or you are unwilling to give me your personal contact information, you are free to make your own hotel arrangements. This is for the security of the members that do decide to stay at the designated hotel. Note: neither the hotel nor uzitalk.com are responsible for the security of your weapons at this hotel.

Subgun Match
We'll have another subgun match at the Desert Sportsman's Club like we did last year. Vegas Henchman and some of the other locals hosted a great match and they're dreaming up new plans for this year. Keep in mind that you do not need any competitive experience to participate in this match. You will have fun! Also, you are not required to shoot an UZI if you're inclined to bring something else.

We will try to coordinate a group purchase of ammo prior to the event. More details to follow.

Anyone bringing an NFA weapon to this event from out of state will need to get a form 5320 approved by the ATF. The amount of time it takes to get that done is unpredictable so plan ahead. Think about what you want to bring and get the forms approved early. I would recommend that people send off their forms for approval immediately to avoid any problems. When you send in your 5320, you'll need to provide an address for your destination. You can use this address (the location of the subgun match)

Desert Sportsman's Rifle and Pistol Club
12201 West Charleston
Las Vegas, NV 89101
Clark County

See you there!

01-13-2005, 03:14 PM
So, you've been thinking about attending but haven't quite made up your mind. Well, here's a bit of news that might help you decide. I just confirmed that Vector Arms will be attending the event! Rex himself will be there to enjoy all the fun and there's a good chance that a couple other people from Vector will be on hand as well.

If you look at the current agenda posted above, you'll see that Saturday afternoon is slotted for vendor presentations. Vector Arms will be one of the Vendors scheduled for the afternoon. Rex will do a maintenance seminar for us, giving his advice on how to keep your UZI running in tip top shape. He'll also have a selection of Vector weapons on hand like their RPD, their new HK51 and their AK to demonstrate. If you've been thinking about buying one, it's a great chance to get a first hand look.

I also want to set up a short UZI seminar that afternoon where people can see first hand how the full size, Mini and Micro compare, take a look at open and closed bolt configurations and see first hand how the different rates of fire compare. Should be educational. (If anyone is planning on bringing a Micro to the event, please contact me.)

I'm still working on other vendor opportunities. I'll keep everyone posted.

02-28-2005, 12:04 PM
It's not too late for you to decide to join us for a fun weekend.