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  1. Sticky Thread The UZI Book - Order a copy now!!!

    I’m excited to announce the availability of my new book - The UZI Submachine Gun Examined. This book covers the entire 65 year history of the UZI, including all model variations, manufacturers, parts identification, accessories, manuals, and much more. It covers both military versions of the UZI as...

    Started by RoverDave‎, 06-12-2017 09:53 PM
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    • Replies: 200
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    03-11-2019, 08:50 PM Go to last post
  2. Sticky Thread Tuning .22LR conversion kits for the full auto UZI

    Richard from BWE has provided some tuning instructions for the .22LR conversion kits made by Group Industries, Vector and Subgun Ordnance. Check out the information here:

    Started by RoverDave‎, 07-02-2013 08:07 AM
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    • Views: 21,853
    07-02-2013, 08:07 AM Go to last post
  1. Uzi post sample- go with Type A or Type B?

    Is there any real difference with the type A vs. type B other than the sights that would cause you to go for one or another when building up a post sample? Was thinking of doing one at the shop after I finish up one or two other posts samples. Sven manticore arms

    Started by dawg180‎, Today 05:36 PM
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  2. Is anyone still making semi fullsize uzi 9mm carbines?

    I am about to be in the market for a shooter. NOT full auto, NOT IMI. Just want a semi 9mm. See nome accept for deals on armslist. Would prefer to buy new. I see the ones atlantic had dis not have the front sling swivel, which is a big turn off for me. Should never habe sold my last vector as...

    Started by ruskiegunlover‎, 02-01-2019 02:20 PM
    • Replies: 15
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  3. Messy Uzi Model A--what am I looking at here?

    Semi-auto IMI Uzi Model A from about 1983. This was supposed to be my first Uzi, but as soon as I got my hands on it something didn't look right. Really didn't look right after the detail strip. Is there another explanation or does this gun appear to have been nearly "converted" and then...

    Started by Machines‎, 03-09-2019 07:49 PM
    • Replies: 18
    • Views: 777
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  4. Deact Uzi broken

    Hi all, Been an Uzi 80's fanboy all my life but up here in Canada we can only dream and acquire deactivated guns. I have owned a Maruzen blank Fire and a deact Uzi pistol. I also have a deactivated mini Uzi. While trying to install a sight mount, the top cover had to be removed but the latch...

    Started by Demetrius‎, Today 04:56 PM
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  5. How to remove and replce mini reoil spring, help needed

    As I update my mini I decided to change out my recoil spring with a new one. I have no idea how to remove the spring from the rod assembly?? Any help is sincerely appreciated.

    Started by harleypower69‎, 03-16-2019 02:17 PM
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 101
    Yesterday, 06:45 PM Go to last post
  6. Post Semi Bolts

    With the kits and receivers going around, I'm surprised there are not more semi auto bolts available. From what I have read, the Century semi auto bolts do not work with the McKay receivers. The bolts that US Barrel Shrouds sells are also made by Century. Does anyone know of other sources or...

    Started by sc.schultz‎, Yesterday 06:07 PM
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  7. Uzi registered case

    Interesting Uzi registered case. Never knew these existed. Starting at a mere $25,000.00

    Started by TSPC‎, 03-19-2019 09:26 AM
    • Replies: 18
    • Views: 496
    03-21-2019, 08:51 PM Go to last post
  8. First Uzi build

    Started gathering for my first build. Have kit and McKay receiver. Seems most places that sell bolt carriers etc are out of stock. Is this a cyclic thing or am I late to the party?

    Started by Troda‎, 02-09-2019 09:39 AM
    • Replies: 6
    • Views: 602
    03-21-2019, 03:45 PM Go to last post
  9. Top cover play

    I'd like to remove the play in my top cover, as I want to mount a Burris red dot. I have a top cover with the rail on it. What's the best way to do it? It has side to side play in the front, and in the back.

    Started by Seven Click's Up‎, 03-17-2019 07:19 PM
    • Replies: 8
    • Views: 253
    03-20-2019, 02:09 PM Go to last post
  10. Micro to Mini Uzi Registered Bolt Swap Question

    Looking for advice/pics for what to place on the bottom of the mini top cover cocking mechanism to properly engage a registered BG machine micro closed bolt (needs to properly engage the recess area at the front of the micro bolt). Does anyone have photos or advice of where to source a machined...

    Started by stud523bc‎, 03-17-2019 04:10 PM
    • Replies: 2
    • Views: 110
    03-17-2019, 11:11 PM Go to last post
  11. Micro Uzi BG Machine Registered Closed Bolt

    Iím the proud new purchaser (F3 inbound) of a transferable BG machine registered micro closed bolt. Iím curious how rare they are and or how many registered closed bolt Micro bolts may be out there? Any specific or interesting info on the history of BG machine? I took a look through the search...

    Started by stud523bc‎, 03-17-2019 04:03 PM
    • Replies: 0
    • Views: 66
    03-17-2019, 04:03 PM Go to last post
  12. Coming along.... just need a couple 10.5Ē bbls

    Just need 2 barrels and 2 bolt groups.

    Started by Coctailer‎, 03-15-2019 10:56 AM
    • Replies: 14
    • Views: 271
    03-17-2019, 02:07 PM Go to last post
  13. UZI Tri-Lug Barrels

    What are you guys using for barrels to mount a tri-lug mounted suppressor? I don't see how a threaded barrel will work with a tri-lug mount as the barrel nut wont fit. Thanks

    Started by COJeff‎, 01-10-2019 09:08 PM
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    • Replies: 22
    • Views: 2,844
    03-17-2019, 11:26 AM Go to last post
  14. Moved: Any of you guys looking to buy a gun manufacturing company

    Started by mike‎, 03-15-2019 08:01 PM
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    03-15-2019, 08:01 PM Go to last post
  15. Question regarding registered bolt mini Uzi

    I have an opportunity to purchase a registered B&G bolt mini Uzi. Unfortunately, I don't know much about them. Here are some pictures. The thing that has me confused about the mini Uzi itself is that the owner says the receiver isn't marked IMI, but it is marked Vector. However, the other...

    Started by Bret‎, 02-21-2019 11:40 AM
    • Replies: 15
    • Views: 896
    03-15-2019, 02:00 PM Go to last post
  16. Why U haz no hole??

    Building 2 SBRs, and one stock doesn't have the recess for the anti-wobble tension thingamabob.... Is this normal.

    Started by Coctailer‎, 03-14-2019 04:42 PM
    • Replies: 2
    • Views: 230
    03-15-2019, 07:29 AM Go to last post
  17. Wolff magazine springs, only 32 rd. available, cut length questions

    I had my Mini out for the first time in 2 years. Had lots of feeding issues from mags that had sat loaded for many years. I purchased some replacement "extra power" springs from Wolff. All Wolff sells are springs for the 32 round mags. I did note that the replacement 32 round springs are a few...

    Started by harleypower69‎, 03-12-2019 09:57 AM
    • Replies: 2
    • Views: 100
    03-12-2019, 06:12 PM Go to last post
  18. Uzi and mini uzi spare parts

    Hello I have bought two uzi in the past few months a standard uzi and a mini and I would like to know if I should gather parts for those guns ( spare parts ) im new to the full auto world so bare with me, any advices will be greatly appreciated.

    Started by andrea‎, 03-10-2019 10:23 AM
    • Replies: 8
    • Views: 304
    03-11-2019, 01:09 PM Go to last post
  19. Barrel markings

    I have a barrel I bought off gun broker and have some question about the markings on barrel ? Behind the barrel nut it's marked 25 01 89. 01 89 I figure is the date. Any idea what 25 is ? Also on the barrel end it has a marking of (P). Any idea who made this barrel and what the marking mean?...

    Started by jaker10‎, 03-02-2019 09:37 PM
    • Replies: 9
    • Views: 885
    03-09-2019, 09:52 PM Go to last post
  20. Binary trigger for the Uzi?

    I am wondering if a binary trigger design for the Uzi is mechanically/legally feasible. I have tried searching the internet and the forums for any mention of it but I can't find anything where someone has ever tried or even speculated about trying. It seems like semi-auto sub guns would be well...

    Started by dfischer‎, 03-08-2019 10:22 AM
    • Replies: 5
    • Views: 401
    03-09-2019, 11:14 AM Go to last post
  21. Legally converting a Simi Mini Uzi to Full Auto

    I recently purchased a Full Auto Full sized uzi with a registered trigger. Up to now I never heard of a registered trigger group just the receiver or gun, but this is the trigger. As I understand it, because it is the trigger group that is registered I can move it to another uzi, my Mini Uzi. My...

    Started by martin713‎, 03-06-2019 08:25 PM
    • Replies: 14
    • Views: 1,224
    03-07-2019, 11:52 AM Go to last post
  22. Poll Semiauto UZI - Serious tool or a Range Toy?

    I am curious what the general oppinions of a standard 16-inch semiauto Full Sized UZI is... I am eliminating SBRs and SMGs as I think we can all agree that in NFA configurations they are more practical for HD or potential conflict use... So, what is your oppinion of a SemiAuto Vector UZI as...

    Started by Quarterbore‎, 06-08-2007 10:21 AM
    22 Pages
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    • Replies: 438
    • Views: 217,311
    03-06-2019, 09:35 PM Go to last post
  23. Uzi Pro pistol grip safety ?

    Hi all, Can the Uzi Pro pistol grip safety be disabled? I have one and shot it for the first time over the weekend. For some reason I cant seem to always get it to work. Maybe I am holding it wrong. I am a big guy so should not have a problem but I do. Any thoughts, comments? ...

    Started by Combat Vet‎, 03-06-2019 03:06 PM
    • Replies: 8
    • Views: 285
    03-06-2019, 09:30 PM Go to last post
  24. Internet UZI Advice

    I don't think I've ever heard it said that the owner of a registered receiver with a blocking bar could make additional slotted bolts. Apparently one of the senior members over at Sturm chooses to differ. He even doubles down with this quote, "there is no limit on the quantity you can possess ...

    Started by Roaster72‎, 02-28-2019 09:54 AM
    2 Pages
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    • Replies: 27
    • Views: 1,470
    03-04-2019, 07:31 PM Go to last post
  25. Does Wolf 115 grain run in a RR open bolt well? Ammo recommendations?

    I have an IMI Registered Receiver conversion. Iím looking to buy about 10k of 9mm and was wondering how well it runs in an open bolt UZI. Unfortunately I have to keep it stored out of state and donít really have easy ability to test ammo types. Any input or recommendations are warmly...

    Started by FNP90‎, 03-01-2019 08:13 PM
    2 Pages
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    • Replies: 22
    • Views: 1,183
    03-04-2019, 02:59 PM Go to last post

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