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Forum: MAC-10 Talk

Discussion relating to the M-10, M-11, and the rest of the MAC/RPB firearms family.

  1. Sticky Thread The official MAC picture thread

    Post'em here, lets see what you've got. I've changed it around once again, so one more picture to come soon.

    Started by bruh44‎, 01-08-2008 11:04 AM
    50 Pages
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    • Replies: 986
    • Views: 771,565
    11-09-2017, 08:24 PM Go to last post
  2. Sticky Thread Web Sites...

    I cannot find the threads or my links to various web sites for MAC parts and conversion kits, like uppers for the M10/9... Could we please get a tacked thread listing the various places to find MAC stuff? :D

    Started by Energizer‎, 03-17-2006 03:48 PM
    4 Pages
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    • Replies: 62
    • Views: 108,071
    10-08-2017, 01:21 PM Go to last post
  3. Sticky Thread Use the SEARCH feature!

    Not to hinder discussions, but a good percentage of post are asking questions that have been covered several times before. I am just as lazy as the next guy so I get that it seems easier to post a question than to search for an answer, however using the search button will give you hours of reading...

    Started by chili17‎, 06-24-2010 05:09 PM
    • Replies: 11
    • Views: 30,889
    07-20-2017, 11:44 AM Go to last post
  1. RPB Mac Flats / RPB Industries?

    Hello, I was looking for an old RPB Mac flat along with a spare parts set for my M11/9. I was told a Russell at RPB Industries had these available. I found a link to RPBs website on Lage Manufacturing's links page but the link does not work. I can't seem to locate RPB Industries with a google...

    Started by gdk771‎, Yesterday 01:03 AM
    • Replies: 15
    • Views: 275
    Today, 03:31 PM Go to last post
  2. MPA railed 11/9 uppers out of spec?

    So I I didn't check before cutting it down for my m11a1 but it appears to be out of spec now. I clamped it on the trunnion and used a sawzall to cut the back off, so I don't see that that would be likely to make it go out of specs. The bolt is very hard to slide with both my oem and CF-Wa bolt,...

    Started by Gaujo‎, Yesterday 07:54 PM
    • Replies: 5
    • Views: 90
    Today, 03:25 PM Go to last post
  3. First Production Run of MAX-10/31's is finished

    We have just finished the first production run of MAX-10/31's and will be notifying customers on the waiting list on Monday, 08/01/17. The next batch will be finished in about a month. Here is a link to the webpage:

    Started by‎, 07-30-2017 01:11 PM
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    • Replies: 21
    • Views: 1,879
    Today, 06:58 AM Go to last post
  4. The MAX-10/31 Prototype

    Yes, it's really happening. All the info I currently have is in the video. If you want to be added to the list, please do it by e-mail only. Thank you!

    Started by jackiemax11‎, 02-20-2017 05:49 PM
    11 Pages
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    • Replies: 205
    • Views: 43,587
    Yesterday, 11:39 PM Go to last post
  5. 12 ga upper for M-11/9 project

    In the tradition of this forum, if you can't find one, build one. I know a few others are interested so feel free to share ideas.. this will be an open thread, so if it works it will be a how to for the benefit of Mac owners everywhere.. I've had some ideas knocking around for a while- right now I...

    Started by rybread‎, 06-05-2017 04:00 PM
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    • Replies: 237
    • Views: 27,308
    Yesterday, 09:06 AM Go to last post
  6. Sear stud shelf height

    In preparation for the new MAC M11, I'm organizing spare parts. I found 2 sear studs in my parts box. Both have different shelf heights. Can anyone tell me what their sear stud shelf height is?

    Started by strobro32‎, 11-10-2017 11:14 PM
    • Replies: 6
    • Views: 329
    Yesterday, 09:05 AM Go to last post
  7. Has Anyone Developed a Front Grip for the Leather Strap

    I wish I could draw this and post it, but just wondering. Some of us scaredy cats that don't like hanging onto the front leather grip or have a rig that won't permit a forward grip has anyone done this? I don't have the ways and means to do anything with polymer, but I think you smart guys will...

    Started by lobo‎, 11-06-2017 05:40 PM
    2 Pages
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    • Replies: 23
    • Views: 719
    11-17-2017, 11:49 PM Go to last post
  8. Zytel Mag help

    My Zytel mags have been reliable in the past but a new issue developed last month at a shoot. This occurred with at least three different magazines that had been running fine in the past. I would have a failure to feed. When I would remove the magazine from the gun, the round would be sitting...

    Started by nklf‎, 11-15-2017 02:20 PM
    • Replies: 6
    • Views: 222
    11-17-2017, 10:19 AM Go to last post
  9. Newbie checking in

    Hello everyone. I wanted to introduce myself and say that I'm now the proud owner of a Class 3 Ingram Mac-10. I just picked it up from the dealer today, which was one day shy of 7 months from when I submitted the form 4. Learning about it will be a long journey, but this forum is a wealth of...

    Started by az2nv‎, 10-22-2017 01:29 AM
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    • Replies: 48
    • Views: 1,411
    11-16-2017, 07:23 PM Go to last post
  10. Poll Interest in 15 round ZMAG for M11/9?

    I would love to have the best compact magazine for my Grey Ghost setup. If there is enough interest, maybe Marty would make a run. Who else is interested?

    Started by Spicoli‎, 10-30-2017 08:53 AM
    2 Pages
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    • Replies: 29
    • Views: 1,044
    11-14-2017, 11:12 PM Go to last post
  11. Price check Suomi drums?

    Thinking of selling some.

    Started by Scott C.‎, 11-07-2017 11:48 PM
    • Replies: 7
    • Views: 376
    11-14-2017, 09:23 PM Go to last post
  12. MAC Sear Spring

    Is there a source to replace the Mac 11/9 sear spring with a lighter sear spring? I have the Lage FA only trigger to lighten the pull but the spring is heavy. The original looks like it was from a 64 Cadillac suspension spring. Wolf Springs, didn't have anything. A little lighter sear spring...

    Started by Megaton‎, 10-16-2017 12:42 AM
    2 Pages
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    • Replies: 21
    • Views: 1,197
    11-14-2017, 07:43 PM Go to last post
  13. Stiring The M10 Pot About The M10/15

    There is always seems to be speculation as to when some design of the M11/NINE would be available for the M10. The MAX 31 and M11/15 come to mind. Only Richard will be the one who will start on the M10/15 in his own time. So any other supposition would be just that. It is my understanding that...

    Started by Brother_Evil‎, 11-12-2017 08:50 PM
    • Replies: 9
    • Views: 390
    11-13-2017, 10:15 AM Go to last post
  14. What I be PT. 2

    All zytel, no markings of any kind. pic is self explanatory, been in a dirty box full of junk magazines for years. My first though is some kind of fat mac magazine but i can barely get a decent grip around the mag itself.

    Started by StooperZero‎, 11-10-2017 05:35 PM
    • Replies: 10
    • Views: 478
    11-12-2017, 10:49 PM Go to last post
  15. Question Re: coffin mags....

    I have four of the coffin mags that I really haven't used much. (They came with a Swedish K and I prefer the regular sticks.) I note that two of them have followers that are rounded and two have followers that are rectangular. Is there a reason for the two types? Is one type preferred over...

    Started by DINK‎, 11-12-2017 07:22 AM
    • Replies: 3
    • Views: 224
    11-12-2017, 01:06 PM Go to last post
  16. Poll Baby Ghost

    Just out of the park tank. Started out life as a 9MM MPA upper and now it's a M11A1 "Baby Ghost" I built as a favor for a friend. I'm sure a production Ghost would be a little different. As in shorter charging handle slot for starters. Just out of curiosity, if a run of "Baby Ghost" was made,...

    Started by CoffeeFreak‎, 05-02-2017 12:30 AM
    4 Pages
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    • Replies: 69
    • Views: 5,847
    11-11-2017, 11:58 AM Go to last post
  17. m11-a1 factory sight question

    only shot my gun once...maybe 4 mags....dont really know how accurate the sights are as the target was close and i was more concerned with function than accuracy how accurate are the factory m11-a1 sights? are they dead on at 25 yards? are they 2 feet off? it will be a year before i get to...

    Started by Battering ram NIB‎, 11-09-2017 09:43 PM
    • Replies: 11
    • Views: 244
    11-10-2017, 10:52 PM Go to last post
  18. My eyes are burning.

    So after a 1 year and 3 week wait on a form 4, I brought my first suppressor home on Friday of last week. :twoguns I could hardly wait to empty some brass to the sweet sound of silence. I just got back from the range and I am surprised with the amount of gas that ended up in my eyes. It was bad...

    Started by A&P Mech‎, 10-08-2017 05:19 PM
    2 Pages
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    • Replies: 32
    • Views: 2,030
    11-10-2017, 08:33 AM Go to last post
  19. New to me MAC 10

    Just paid in full for a MAC 10 .45 and Ceiner suppressor. Now we start the paperwork.

    Started by FotoTomas‎, 11-06-2017 12:02 AM
    2 Pages
    1 2
    • Replies: 20
    • Views: 596
    11-10-2017, 08:27 AM Go to last post
  20. Just Wondering

    Has anyone attempted a MAC in 7.62x25 Tokarev? Ballisticaclly it's about the same as a .357 mag and is a rimless and bottle neck case. I like the round and it's cheap. Just asking if anyone has been dumb or venturous enough to try it.

    Started by lobo‎, 11-02-2017 05:35 PM
    • Replies: 19
    • Views: 838
    11-09-2017, 09:24 AM Go to last post
  21. MAX 31 loader for converted STEN MAG

    Anyone know where I can find a loader for a Sten MAG that has the tab added for use in a LAGE MAX 31? Standard Sten loaders don't fit when the tab is added to the mag.

    Started by Megaton‎, 10-24-2017 10:52 PM
    • Replies: 16
    • Views: 625
    11-08-2017, 04:04 PM Go to last post
  22. The wait begins now - first time subgun owner checking in

    I finally pulled the trigger and bought a submachine gun (m11/9) and overnighted the form 4 yesterday. I've been lurking on these forums for a while and wanted to thank everyone for teaching me what to spend money on when getting into full auto. I've already ordered a lage max11-mk2, grip with mag...

    Started by Libertarian_congress‎, 10-29-2017 12:36 PM
    m11/9, mac11, noon, subgun
    • Replies: 18
    • Views: 672
    11-08-2017, 01:46 AM Go to last post
  23. Calico M11/22 upper maybe getting closer.

    Website is updated. A 100rd 22mag/drum will come with the new upper. $850, they said it's getting closer to sale.

    Started by atakk‎, 07-28-2017 07:54 AM
    4 Pages
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    • Replies: 65
    • Views: 5,218
    11-07-2017, 03:07 PM Go to last post
  24. Talking It's finally here!!!!

    Just received my stamp today for my m11/nine picked it up immediately. I'm so excited to go shoot it but I can't until next week. I will post up my report!

    Started by bmf701‎, 10-19-2017 07:49 PM
    2 Pages
    1 2
    • Replies: 27
    • Views: 1,229
    11-06-2017, 02:03 PM Go to last post
  25. 45 acp trigger guard

    this ad is on subguns, never have seen before the term 45 trigger guard, it is obviously bigger in front of guard, so the 9 mm guard and the 45 guard are different????? news to me....

    Started by rparsons3‎, 11-03-2017 01:59 PM
    • Replies: 12
    • Views: 324
    11-05-2017, 11:57 PM Go to last post

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