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Forum: MAC-10 Talk

Discussion relating to the M-10, M-11, and the rest of the MAC/RPB firearms family.

  1. Sticky Thread The official MAC picture thread

    Post'em here, lets see what you've got. I've changed it around once again, so one more picture to come soon.

    Started by bruh44‎, 01-08-2008 10:04 AM
    49 Pages
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    • Replies: 973
    • Views: 558,267
    04-09-2017, 09:44 PM Go to last post
  2. Sticky Thread Web Sites...

    I cannot find the threads or my links to various web sites for MAC parts and conversion kits, like uppers for the M10/9... Could we please get a tacked thread listing the various places to find MAC stuff? :D

    Started by Energizer‎, 03-17-2006 02:48 PM
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    • Replies: 59
    • Views: 75,985
    09-06-2016, 05:42 PM Go to last post
  3. Sticky Thread Use the SEARCH feature!

    Not to hinder discussions, but a good percentage of post are asking questions that have been covered several times before. I am just as lazy as the next guy so I get that it seems easier to post a question than to search for an answer, however using the search button will give you hours of reading...

    Started by chili17‎, 06-24-2010 04:09 PM
    • Replies: 9
    • Views: 21,332
    02-28-2012, 07:56 AM Go to last post
  1. Re: M10/47 SABRE Upper

    Inspired by gotgraham's thread, I contacted Proto Labs for a quote based on the existing drawings referenced in the M11/9 Sabre thread. The drawings would have to be updated to include the improvements made by gotgraham, and that is not factored into the cost of the quote. Here is a link to the...

    Started by jkacg1‎, 03-31-2017 07:00 PM
    4 Pages
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    m10/47, sabre
    • Replies: 65
    • Views: 2,819
    Today, 11:08 AM Go to last post
  2. Loader suggestions for Shockwave Max 31 mags???

    Bought a couple of the Shockwave 30rd mags for the Lage Max 31 mkII upper. These mimic the "coffin mags" for the Swedish K's. Tried my Lula go. Bought a coffin mag loader at the 'creek earlier this month. The loader fits the mag, but the plunger is too short to push the loaded round...

    Started by SteveS‎, 04-28-2017 06:51 PM
    • Replies: 7
    • Views: 232
    Yesterday, 09:54 PM Go to last post
  3. Anybody heard from John Thedford?

    Hey everyone, I've been looking into my first MG (specifically a Mac) for over a year now. I've been talking to John Thedford ( for over a year on email and he's been great and has a long history of being in this industry so he made me feel comfortable buying an M11 finally. I...

    Started by STEVESKI‎, 04-28-2017 07:27 PM
    • Replies: 19
    • Views: 485
    Yesterday, 07:58 PM Go to last post
  4. RPB Silencer disassembly question

    I just recently got my stamp for my RPB M10 45 silencer and I finally have it in my hands. I'm taking it apart to clean it but I'm stumped as to how to get the first stage apart. I took off the end cap. I used the tool with the 2 prongs on it to remove the piece that secures the baffles. I took...

    Started by 94wedge‎, 04-28-2017 05:35 PM
    • Replies: 7
    • Views: 198
    Yesterday, 05:03 PM Go to last post
  5. Practical Solutions, Plug!!!

    For those of you that are not familiar with SAM of Practical solutions, here is a link to his YouTube channel. He's starting to post videos of services and products that he offers for the Mac series. I've had him do work for me in the past and I've bought products from him as well. I put him on the...

    Started by komodoj‎, 03-22-2017 05:25 PM
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    • Replies: 33
    • Views: 2,271
    04-27-2017, 09:15 PM Go to last post
  6. M11/15 Prototype

    About to be sent off for ATF ruling. 7.5 inch barrel, 5.6 lbs and 100% unmolested ar15 parts. Didn't bother to round the edges or add any "style" to it since I may never see it again. This one uses the same type of recoil system as the SABRE, if its approved I'll do a second submission with a...

    Started by mak91‎, 02-15-2017 10:22 AM
    34 Pages
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    • Replies: 677
    • Views: 73,152
    04-27-2017, 03:36 PM Go to last post
  7. 3 lug m11/9 barrels

    Did another run of these for someone, did aa few extra, I think there are 5 left

    Started by chaosrob‎, 04-23-2017 12:03 PM
    • Replies: 9
    • Views: 526
    04-26-2017, 11:27 PM Go to last post
  8. Maxxtech Ammo

    Anyone use Maxxtech ammo in their m11-a1? If so does it run pretty well? Seems like a good price at about $200/1000. Thanks

    Started by Smithengineered1‎, 04-21-2017 09:02 PM
    • Replies: 13
    • Views: 618
    04-26-2017, 02:15 PM Go to last post
  9. Help.. What am I looking at?

    I need some help.. I'm about to buy a unopened, still sealed in the paper wrapping within a plastic bag. The bag has been split to check the numbers and I have the number that's on the right front, top near the muzzle. Can anyone tell me wjsy this number indicates? Thanks 1-3 001516

    Started by Hohopelli‎, 04-25-2017 11:45 AM
    • Replies: 3
    • Views: 336
    04-26-2017, 12:10 AM Go to last post
  10. Grey Ghost Uppers for the CF-W bolt.

    Hello good people. Some of you may remember me? A lot of new people here in the forum that I don't recognize. You may remember my Grey Ghost upper? Only 14 were ever made. I didn't make them to sell I made the first one for myself and after shooting it at a match one day someone offered...

    Started by CoffeeFreak‎, 03-05-2017 04:46 PM
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    • Replies: 137
    • Views: 11,015
    04-25-2017, 03:09 PM Go to last post
  11. Value of pam2 & converted sten mags

    Wondering what's the going rate for pam2 and converted sten mags for m/11 and max31. I've got a pile of them that I thought I'd use and just don't. Loaded/fired one of each once. Recent purchase has given me motivation to make a little room in the safe. Thanks for any input.

    Started by Captain murrica‎, 04-24-2017 09:50 PM
    • Replies: 5
    • Views: 256
    04-25-2017, 11:17 AM Go to last post
  12. How much does a MAX-31k bolt weigh?

    I know a MAX-31a mk2 bolt weighs 19.8oz. Can someone who has the k please weigh their bolt and tell me the weight? Also, if you couldn't mind weighing the shell and the assembly too that would be awesome. I got excited about weight stuff last night so here are some weights: SWD M11A1 bolt ...

    Started by Gaujo‎, 04-06-2017 12:04 PM
    • Replies: 2
    • Views: 316
    04-25-2017, 08:20 AM Go to last post
  13. The MAX-10/31 Prototype

    Yes, it's really happening. All the info I currently have is in the video. If you want to be added to the list, please do it by e-mail only. Thank you!

    Started by jackiemax11‎, 02-20-2017 04:49 PM
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    • Replies: 98
    • Views: 7,834
    04-25-2017, 12:35 AM Go to last post
  14. your thoughts on selling some Macs

    NOT A SALE THREAD DO NOT MAKE OFFERS. I want a pig, yes a m60, a GG, and a AUG. Of the MGs I would sell to get these. I have a M11a1 used, two M10/45 used, two m10/45 NIB, and 5 NIB M11s. I have a keeper m10/nine I will keep, and one of the above used m10/45s. I have not been keeping...

    Started by chas8008‎, 04-10-2017 01:50 PM
    2 Pages
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    • Replies: 29
    • Views: 1,667
    04-25-2017, 12:15 AM Go to last post
  15. M11/9 grip issue

    So I've had my M11 (Max11k config) for about two months now and it has run flawlessly -- couldn't be happier with its performance. However, I've had an odd experience with the grip. My lower came with a Lage grip and the old-style extended release that had been modified by a respected member...

    Started by MACchat‎, 04-20-2017 12:24 PM
    • Replies: 4
    • Views: 385
    04-22-2017, 04:52 PM Go to last post
  16. New (to me) Mac 10/9

    I just bought an M-10/9. I'll see it in about a year the way the AFT is going. While it's waiting for me, I'm planning on a Lage upper (or two since the MAX-10/31 is coming). What else should I do? Any reason I shouldn't cerakote the lower to match the upper? Stocks, etc? I'm happy to be...

    Started by irishjack‎, 04-16-2017 06:54 PM
    • Replies: 12
    • Views: 562
    04-21-2017, 08:34 PM Go to last post
  17. Good 230gr load with Bullseye to run a MAX10/45?

    Running into the end of the Berry's 185gr loads I've been using for years and will start load dev with their 230gr plated bullets soon. Any tips loading for the MAX10/45 with Sionics two stage can with 230gr plated and Bullseye? Planning the keep the OAL the same at 1.270" as they don't have...

    Started by towerofpower93‎, 04-16-2017 10:51 AM
    • Replies: 1
    • Views: 181
    04-21-2017, 07:03 PM Go to last post
  18. Video Review of ZMAG's by Burst Review

    Burst Review did a great review on the ZMAG and it featured our MAX-11k! Here's a link to the video, The MAX-11k is in stock as well as the MAX-11k Mod 1 which has a bottom rail instead of a K-Grip. Here's a link to the page where the Uppers are We sell ZMAG's...

    Started by jackiemax11‎, 04-18-2017 03:50 PM
    lage, m-11, max-11k, mod 1, zmag
    • Replies: 9
    • Views: 628
    04-21-2017, 04:17 PM Go to last post
  19. Who insures NFA shipments? Nobody?

    Hey everyone, I'm sending my Mac to Practical Solutions in TN. USPS would offer insurance, but they require extra "red tape." I'm not a dealer and want to send direct (USPS requires dealer to dealer shipments - going to an FFL/SOT is just an extra hassle). UPS doesn't allow guns. FedEx doesn't...

    Started by cjsoccer3‎, 03-14-2016 08:54 PM
    3 Pages
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    • Replies: 51
    • Views: 3,357
    04-21-2017, 01:03 AM Go to last post
  20. Going rate for Max 31?

    Just curious. On Arf there is one for sale with 10 drums. For 1K. I don't need one, but if the price is right. I think it would be a cool addition.

    Started by EL DUCE‎, 04-17-2017 03:36 PM
    • Replies: 10
    • Views: 493
    04-19-2017, 05:20 PM Go to last post
  21. Bolt weight vs ROF

    Ok so I have a max-11a1 in 9mm that I want to chop down to a K version. I have a friend who uses Mallory steel for crank shaft balancing, he has it in rod form from 1/2" to 1". My idea is to take the top weight off the bolt, drill 3/4" holes in it, reem to size and press in the Mallory slugs....

    Started by sardo_67‎, 10-20-2016 08:01 PM
    • Replies: 19
    • Views: 1,416
    04-19-2017, 05:18 PM Go to last post
  22. M11 Mystery? Got A Call From Five-0

    Actually, got a call from a detective on one of the islands earlier this week. They are trying to solve an old murder case. Shooter left behind a brass catcher with spent brass in it. No firearm was found. According to the investigator the neighbor heard shots and they believe they were fired from...

    Started by johnthedford‎, 03-24-2017 02:16 PM
    • Replies: 17
    • Views: 1,446
    04-18-2017, 05:12 PM Go to last post
  23. Poll CFW M10/45 and M11/380 Slowfire Bolts

    Any interest in a CFW M10/45 and M11/380 slowfire bolts?

    Started by komodoj‎, 08-04-2015 11:44 AM
    7 Pages
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7
    • Replies: 129
    • Views: 24,346
    04-18-2017, 08:42 AM Go to last post
  24. M11/nine in 45 possible?

    I am curious can the back of the m11 reciever handle full auto 45cal with a heavy bolt (2.3lbs-ish) in say a max31 style upper? Would atf frown on this? If there is a key word(s) to search archieves that would be helpful too.

    Started by Schwartzer‎, 04-09-2017 10:28 PM
    • Replies: 9
    • Views: 654
    04-16-2017, 11:21 AM Go to last post
  25. Wood pistol grip back strap for M11/9

    I have a wood AK stock for my M11/9. Recently at a gun show I picked up what I thought was a wood back strap for it. Turns out it's too small for a M11/9. I'm guessing it's for a 380. Does anyone know were I can get one for the M11/9? I know Practical Solutions used to have them, but they don't...

    Started by bruh44‎, 04-14-2017 10:00 PM
    • Replies: 4
    • Views: 331
    04-15-2017, 11:44 AM Go to last post

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