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Discussion relating to the S&W 76, Swedish K, MK760, Stemple, Port Said, and the rest of the family.

  1. Exclamation Sticky Thread Filing mags to fit the 76/760

    There have been some questions concerning how (and how much) to file Suomi and Swedish K mags to fit the S&W 76 and MK 760. This might help...... SubGunFan

    Started by SubGunFan‎, 12-21-2005 08:24 PM
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  2. Sticky Thread Two Types of S&W 76 Factory "Production" Mags

    There are at least two different kinds of production S&W 76 magazines, which I detail with photos below. This post deals with prodcution S&W 76 magazines, and NOT tool room magazines which are different in design. There has been some opinion stated here and elsewhere that S&W 76 magazines...

    Started by Noah Zark‎, 02-03-2009 12:14 PM
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  3. Sticky Thread S&W 76 Mags vs MK 760 Mags

    Here is a multi view side by side comparison of the S&W 76 and MK 760 mags. The main things to note: 1. Different base plates. 2. 76 has a metal follower and the 760 is plastic. 3. Holes sizes for round count.

    Started by SubGunFan‎, 12-11-2005 01:10 PM
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  4. Sticky Thread Springfield Armory's S&W 76 Collection - Experimental, Toolroom and One-off versions

    **My sincere appreciation to The Springfield Armory, especially Curator Alex MacKenzie, for allowing me to study and photograph their exceptional Smith & Wesson Mod. 76 collection** When I did cursory internet research before purchasing my S&W 76 I learned that Smith & Wesson created a number of...

    Started by Marcus99‎, 01-16-2018 11:27 PM
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  5. Sticky Thread S&W 76 exploded view

    Posted with permission from

    Started by cookie‎, 01-11-2006 10:39 PM
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  6. Thumbs up Sticky Thread My Life Journey With Smith & Wesson

    A new book called My Life Journey with Smith & Wesson by Dwayne W. Charron, former director of research and development at Smith & Wesson, has recently been release. The book reveals the behind-the-scene story of several Smith & Wesson firearms, including the Model 76 submachine gun, which will be...

    Started by RoverDave‎, 10-25-2012 09:57 AM
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  7. Sticky Thread S&W 76 & MK 760 TECH

    While measuring 76/760 bolts I have come to find out that the dimensions on S&W 76 bolts are not the same as MK 760 bolts. The bolt face on S&W bolts is further forward. This means that the S&W bolts do not use the same extractor as the MK Arms bolts. All the bolts measured so far have the straight...

    Started by BWE Firearms‎, 04-12-2017 10:32 AM
    mk760 extractor
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  1. Side by side test Swed-K vs IMI factory Uzi

    Ran both today side by side. Factory pre-sample Uzi vs. Swedish K. Shooting steel at various ranges. Same ammo. Just having fun. Winner is..... Swedish K. Just smoother and easier to keep on target. Both fun. But K wins today. Uzi had front grip and wooden stock. Both were...

    Started by tomk‎, 11-07-2022 01:38 AM
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  2. Optic Mount Options for Burgess SW76?

    I'm waiting on a Burgess SW76. I'm wondering if anyone is making an optic mount that will fit on it in some way. Google hasn't turned anything up currently available and it is unclear if BWE's stuff will work for the SW76 since it uses a Stemple tube with a different tube diameter than the S&W76....

    Started by Landric‎, 11-12-2022 09:43 AM
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