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Thread: Sterling mags, parts & accessories sources

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    Please note Item is sold. I cannot delete this post. I have a Wiselite fake suppressor for the Sterling that I would like to sell. It is in like-new condition. The only reason I'm selling it is because I expect my 2 BATF tax stamps to arrive any week now. My sterling will soon be a SBR with a real suppressor. I will let the suppressor go for $50 plus shipping which will be between $5.65 and $10.00 depending on what size USPO box I can fit it into. I am a trusted seller on eBay (eBay member Motorpony) with over 460 positive feedback items at 100%. I am also a member of "A Girl and A Gun" , an NRA instructor, and a Texas concealed carry instructor Contact me at
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    Sterling Chamber lengths


    Collecting the brass from one of our recent outings we noticed "bulging" with the 9mm cases such that their suitability for reloading was probably compromised. We went back and shot both the MK-IV and V after thorough cleanings and the bulging was not as noticeable. However, we also noticed that the casings did not sit fully down into the barrel. We checked many of the Sterling barrels, including NIB barrels from the Sterling factory, and none of them allowed the round to seat fully down in the barrel. Looks like this design is intentional, but never would have thought it was designed that way, unless it is to ensure extraction in full auto, etc. Thoughts? Comments?


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    It's normal for open bolt sub-guns to have a short chamber.

    Slightly bulged cases are not unusual,, especially with reloads. A Lee Factory Crimp Die will resize them most of the time.

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