This board was started over two years ago as a place for UZI owners to hang out. I made the decision to keep it "user-supported" and not accept any commercial advertisement. With the great group of active members, RoverDave's unparalleled Reference Library, and our two successful shoots in Las Vegas, we have gained recognition as the place to go for UZI info.

This year Vector Arms agreed to include advertisements for our site with every UZI they sell, and Small Arms Review just published a great article (written by members Godfather and Vegas SMG) on our most recent shoot in Las Vegas - to which Gemtech and Vector sent representatives and products.

Our community has grown to over 2,300 members, and our board now includes forums tailored to the owners of several other subguns. Our Library is full of photos and technical details that are linked and referenced internationally.

I bet you wish I'd get to the point, so here it is:

I want UZI Talk to remain user-supported. I do not want to sell advertising space, and I do not want a "sponsor" telling us what we can and can't post. I need your help. It's time for me to make the first official request for donations to keep our site growing.

Please don't misunderstand this request! I'm not pulling any of the shenanigans that I've seen other webmasters pull. I'm not threatening to shut down the site, and I'm not predicting doom and gloom if we don't get enough help. I run this board as a hobby, and the expenses are met from my pocket, along with the donatons that are sent in. If nobody sends another penny, I will continue to run this board out of my pocket and you won't hear me complain. The simple facts are that our board is growing, we need to expand services, and very few are sending donations.

Now I'll lay down the rules:
  • If you are a staff member, I won't accept money from you.
  • If you have donated in the past, I won't accept money from you.
  • If I have awarded you UZI Talk Supporter status (usually for helping me or the board in some way), I won't accept money from you.
It's time for the new guys to pitch in.

If you post a lot, maybe you should donate. If you sell products and make money here, maybe you should donate. If the knowledge you've gained here has saved you money, maybe you should donate. I'm not going to tell you who has to donate; I'd rather have you decide that for yourselves.

For details on financially supporting UZI Talk, please see this thread:

Thanks guys.