I'll keep it short and sweet this year.

(For my long-winded UZI Talk anniversary post from last year, click here.)

Our third year has been a great one! UZI Talk has grown by over a thousand members in the past six months (bringing total membership to over 3,100) and we added drw to our staff as a moderator. RoverDave, Vegas SMG, Godfather, and sofltodd organized another fun shoot in Las Vegas (see here). A bunch of us also got together during the S.A.R. Show 2005 a few weeks ago, during which we were able to meet azdskin, who has been posting from Iraq for the past year. Some of you will also be happy to know that the details about UZI Talk Shoot 2006 will be posted soon. Maybe the "Invisible Man" Funker will even show up.

We added forums for the FNC, M16, and S&W 76 for which DigitalXtreme made us some great new graphics. RoverDave's efforts in the UZI Talk Reference Library continue to bring us new "faces", since any web search relating to the UZI (or its parts, history, etc.) will bring you here. Rex (peabody) from Vector Arms checks in regularly, giving our members an unsual level of access to their company. Through the help of mkellett, we were able to secure a professional model (bikiniracer) to help advertise the UZI Talk t-shirts that Z06 designed. Many of us got a big kick out of the new life that was given to an old joke by cvasqu03, and I finally posted my Taser video.

The continued generosity of our members has allowed us to remain non-commercial and ad-free, which (along with our "free speech" policy) has helped make this the friendliest firearms board on the Internet. I plan to make good on my promise to give the board a facelift this year, with the upgrades scheduled to begin in about two weeks. MuzzleFlash is working on a Reference Library for Sterling Talk and prebans is putting together more Group Buys. This is a true firearms community.

Aren't you glad that I kept it short?

My warmest holiday wishes to you and yours.