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Thread: How do you disassemble M3 Greasegun magazines?

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    How do you disassemble M3 Greasegun magazines?

    Cleaning and lightly oiling my mags, but i can't seem to figure out how to disassemble these.

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    Do not take them apart. They were made NOT to come apart. Grease gun mags are tough, you should never have a problem with them as is.

    Try "Fixing" these:
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    but if you must...

    I wouldn't take them apart unless they have grit and sand in them.
    I've had that problem with some NIW ones before...very annoying.
    Anyway, there is a little tab on the baseplate that looks like it lifts up or can be bent. You will also see a indented spot, like a small cut were someone jabbed a screwdriver into it, on the baseplate. This is an internal catch tab, or lip, that keeps the baseplate from sliding off. You need to lift the tab on the baseplate just enough to allow the catch tab to clear the bottom on the mag.
    DO NOT just bend it up with something. There are a lot of things working against you. It may take 3 hands, and the mag spring is very strong.
    Take a strong flat screwdriver and carefully work it under the tab slightly and gently. You want to do this just enough for you to lift the tab so that a "catch tab" on the inside of the baseplate will clear the bottom of the mag. But not soooo much that you actually put a bend in the tab. At the same time as you're working the screwdriver under the , apply pressure with your thumb to the baseplate in an attempt to slide it off until the catch tab clears the side of the mag. At this point you should not have bent the main tab up too far and it should spring back to its original position. If you used too much force with the screw driver, then gently push it back down. Remember, you may have to push it back up a little to get the baseplate back on. So try not to bend it back and forth.

    Again, you should only need to disassemble your mag if you have grit and gunk all in it. It's too much of a pain just for regular cleaning.

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    Thanks for the info on G/G mag cleaning. I guess I didn't know they didn't have conventional mag floorplates.
    Speaking of grease gun mags.. I've only ever purchased 3 for my Mac 10.
    I have to slightly modify the mags by filing about 1/16" off the mag stops and the mag catch to get them to engage the mag release. I understand this is normal in some Mac 10's.
    My question is.. are all grease gun mags the same?
    I see some advertised as "modified" or "unmodified" G/G mags for sale.
    I just want to make sure when I order some more, that I'm getting the right thing.
    Sorry for hijacking the thread.

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    All GG mags are the same, but there have been a bunch modified! For a several of different firearms, M10, Stemple, AR. Usually this mod is for the mag catch.
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