I will retire from my position as administrator of this board at the end of the day on September 30, 2006. RoverDave will take my place as the administrator (and owner) of the UZI Talk Forums. The current moderators will remain in their positions as long as they and/or RoverDave desire. Little else will change.

My son and I started this site nearly four years ago and have watched it grow into a community of over 4,000. We never imagined such success and are extremely grateful for the help and friendship we have received along the way. I can tell you that my decision to step down was neither quick nor easy - but it was the right one for our board.

I have met many of you in person, so more than a few members are aware that I run a (growing) small business. In addition, I am employed part-time as a LE trainer. These responsibilities, along with the duties of a family man, are consuming more and more of my time. My activity on the board has been suffering as a result, as has my ability to respond to UZI Talk's normal maintenance issues. It is time for me to face the facts and to take steps to ensure this board is not neglected. I owe it to those who have made donations - financial or otherwise - to ensure the longevity of our community. I can think of no better answer than to turn over the operation to RoverDave.

UZI Talk was less than 24 hours old when RoverDave registered as a member. He joined our staff a few days later, and created what we know as the UZI Library from scratch. Nowhere else on the Internet (or in print for that matter) can you find more detail about our favorite firearm than in RoverDave's library. RoverDave has taken the lead on every one of our gatherings, and has been someone I could always count on. His dedication and attention to detail are evident, and I have complete faith in his ability and intentions.

Thank you all for proving my theory that a board founded on the principle of free speech would be a success. If you are hoping that I will now disappear, then I am sorry to disappoint. As of October 1, I will become a registered member like everyone else. I will read and post as time allows, and I will rest easy knowing that UZI Talk is in good hands. I hope you will do the same.