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Thread: Forum Changes

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    Forum Changes

    I've made a few changes to the classified forums that I hope will make things a little easier to find:

    - The Ammunition classified forum is gone. Ammunition for sale should be listed in the "Parts, Accessories and Ammunition" forum.

    - Discussions about ammunition (where to get a good deal, someone has a good deal, what do you think of Wolf ammo,...) should go in the "Ammunition and Reloading" forum.

    - The NFA trading post should be used for NFA firearms only, not parts.

    - The Non-NFA trading post should be used for Non-NFA firearms only, not parts.

    - All other parts, accessories or ammunition for sale should go in the "Parts, Accessories and Ammunition" forum.

    When posting in the classified forums, please note the forum guidelines at the top of each forum. All feedback - positive or negative - should be left using the iTrader rating system, not by posting in the seller's thread.
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    Any chance of getting a "like" feature...or whatever the tech term is for that...??

    Just a thought ....

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    Holy Moley resurrecting a 16 year old post from the dead....

    I am guessing you did not notice that

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    All over the place!

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