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Thread: AA 392 Price Question

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    AA 392 Price Question

    Greetings Galil People, long time since I posted here.
    I'm older now and the gun fever is waning. Time to move my AA 392. It's at least 95% condition, more like 98%, with less than 500 rnds through it. It is an S gun with the original evil features: folding stock, flash suppressor, pistol grip. I even have the original ratty looking box.What are these selling for? Haven't seen one on the auction sites for awhile.Part of the package will include an IMI scope mount, M16 type channel. Couldn't find any for sale, any idea what this is currently worth? Finally it'll include 3 new in the plastic 50rnd. mags, what should I charge for these? I'm selling the package to a good friend who is on fire with AK fever but we agreed that he'd pay market prices for it. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you. tcallre

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    Pretty good question. Right now if you look at completed auctions / sales on GunBroker none show up to base prices on. I'm not sure & can't see how far back they go, but there are zero Galils sold anytime recently.

    The asking prices for 2 posted are pretty impressive though. One 386 Sporster is listed at $3299, & a 329 AA is listed at $4499. Of course asking & getting are 2 completely different things.
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