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Thread: Dimensions of an M3 grease gun mag?

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    Question Dimensions of an M3 grease gun mag?

    Can anyone tell me the dimensions of an M3 grease gun mag?

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    Max height: 10 1/8"

    length: 1 1/2", extra 1/32 at the top

    Width: 15/16"; 1 1/4" measured at the ears/mag stops

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    Grease Gun Mag?

    Reinforced portion that fits in mag housing:

    Front to back 1.550
    Side to side 1.085
    Magazine stops protrude .080 from either side and are located on center approximately .625 from the back of the magazine.

    Unreinforced portion

    Front to back 1.475
    Side to side .975

    Hope this helps.

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