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Thread: Suomi drum mag take apart?

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    Suomi drum mag take apart?

    I got a bunch of Suomi drum mags.
    I wanted to take them apart for cleaning since they are caked with cosmo.
    Of course, cover removal was no problem, but what about removal of the inner feed tray and spring housing. Is it easy to take take them apart to the lowest level or should this not be done?
    I cant figure out how to take them apart.

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    I'm sure I could take em apart.........but probably fail, like 3rd period French, at putting em back together.


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    I cleaned my drums by soaking in a covered bucket of kerosene. Soaked them for a couple of days and they look great. Free pickle bucket/lid. 3 gallons of kerosene at $2.75/gallon. Soaking 20 STEN mags as this is written!

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    This any help: ?

    John C (xm15e2s, you bought a Bren case from me about a year ago)

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    Its not difficult

    The Suomi/PPSh drum design is one of the cleverest pieces of engineering that I've seen. Tension is easily adjustable, easy to take down for detail cleaning, very reliable and robust. You can take it down to pieces with nothing more than a small screwdriver. Take down like so:

    1. Holding the spring tension on the central rotor, remove the screw that holds the follower (lil L-shaped thing in the ammo track) and remove the follower. Then gently let the spring in the central rotor unwind. COUNT how many revolutions it takes to fully unwind.

    2. After the central rotor is full unwound, unscrew the cental plug in the front of the drum. This will let you remove the rotor shaft.

    3. After you remove the central rotor shaft, unwind the central rotor housing and draw it off the central tube. the central rotor housing is a sealed unit. Do not try to open it or to take out the mainspring.

    4. With the central rotor housing off, you can take remove the shell plate.

    5. Now you can clean it. I'd recommend putting a dry lubricant on the inside of the drum pan and on the bottom of the shell plate.

    6. Reassemble in reverse order. When you start winding the central rotor before re-attaching the follower, turn it the same number of turns it took to unwind it (usually 3-5 turns).

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