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Thread: Shooting PMC X-tac

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    Shooting PMC X-tac

    Hey guys,

    I fell into 1000 round of this stuff, threw some in with my usual wolf garbage and headed to the range to try it out.

    Every fourth or fifth round i was having to clear a failure to feed...It looked like the cases were being damaged before they were even stripped from the mag, either that or in pulling back the bolt to clear it i was forcing the jammed round back in somehow...

    Either way, I decided to make a post and see if anyone else has experienced this issue before. Normally, my Golani spits out anything i feed it, and ive never had this happen with any other ammo before.

    I use an MSA adapter and magpul mags, on a normal day it feeds 100% of the time.

    Am i missing something here? id like to be able to shoot the other 960 rounds sitting in my closet.

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    I actually put more effort into making sure my ammo is good than I put into making sure the firearms themselves are up to speed.

    If you have problems of any kind, always default back to the standard setup. In this case, drop the Magpul mags and the mag adapter and go with a good, IMI magazine. Then you can figure out where you are, at least to start out with.


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