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Thread: 2 Choate folders

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    2 Choate folders

    2 Choate folders:
    I just found an old 4x6 photo from the Ď80s of a long gone HK91 that showed a buttstock I didnít remember I ever owned as I mostly used an A3 retractable or a fixed A2 on that .308 rifle.
    #1: (first Choate folder - scan of a poor quality snapshot)

    #2: (current Choate folder)
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    IMHO, they only look right on the MP5K. Classic look. That said, I like the B&T folding stock better. That's what I have on my K.

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    yeah, I bought the HK91 CHOLATE back in early2000somthing, from CHOLATE. didn't much care for it. so, I sold it at a gun show and I bought a wide green forearm stockset.

    I did keep the one I bought for my VECTOR MP-5k

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