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Thread: Best Choice for Muzzle Brake or Flash Suppressor

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    Best Choice for Muzzle Brake or Flash Suppressor

    I'm interested in putting a muzzle brake on my AKs and wish to know which types are most recommended.

    Cheaper Than Dirt seems to offer the most choices at (what I believe are) reasonable prices.

    In another thread, a fellow UziTalk member serving in the War on Terror sent a picture of several AK variants he'd encountered. Most of those muzzle brakes seemed to be the same, where the top is scalloped and scooped back toward the muzzle, and the bottom extends forward.

    In other pictures I've seen, this seems to be the most popular.

    I get ribbed a lot by my AR-15/M-16 friends over my AKs, and my reply is always the same: 55 million communists can't be wrong (at least on their choice for a rifle). Likewise, since this seems to be the most common muzzle brake, could it also be the best?

    As I said, Cheaper Than Dirt offers a pretty good variety. Some are intriguing and some just simply look cool. But do they work?

    I'd like to hear what you guys think.


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    I own a full auto AK47 in 7.62x39 and I can honestly say, the AK74 muzzle break works WAAYY better than the slant style break. It is night and day difference in felt recoil and muzzle climb with the AK74 muzzle break. However, for coolness factor, the slant break just looks cool and traditional.

    Hope this helps.

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    If you use the AK74 style break, do not use the $20 cheap ones. The break needs the gas expansion chamber that the cheap ones do not have. The cheap ones are heavy, and that is why some folks may feel they are effective (and they may be somewhat-at the expense of weight).

    I also heard the 7.62X39 caliber is too large for the AK74 type to be as effective as the real AK74 break on a 74. That to have the same effectiveness, it would have to be more that twice the size (or more) than the AK74 break.

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    Here's what I got. Phoenix flash hider.

    Seemed to do the trick at the range. Haven't used it at night or low light yet.

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    This new brake looks nice. The "Razr"

    Break away from the crowd with TAPCO’s aggressive new Razr Muzzle Device. This sinister looking muzzle device is the perfect way to bring out the attitude in your AK-47. The four pronged tips are heat treated and shaped to penetrate wood, sheet-rock, glass, and interior doors! This coated steel muzzle device is US Made and backed by our lifetime guarantee. Designed to fit standard left hand threaded AK models.

    $28 Not cheap.

    Stay Safe,

    "If War is HELL, Take a better Pitchfork than the DEVIL!!!"

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    You will usually find that the slant brake will effect accuracy. It is made to off set the rise in full auto and does nothing for flash. I'm betting when you replace it you will see an improvement in you groups. I use the krebs A2 flash hider and they work very well.I really see no need for a brake. JMO

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    I have tired many types and the best compensation is from the original slant comp. that comes with the rifle, but the flash is big. The 74-type is a bit long.

    If you want good flash suppression, I have heard the "booster" type is good.

    see the following weg site - picture purpose only, and there are shorter ones out there:

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    I have one of the Vortex flash hiders on my Romanian ak and one of their muzzle brakes on my Bushmaster.

    I also have a Ak74 type muzzle brake on my Vepr which works really well. Not sure what the manufacturer it is though.

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    If not looking for a traditional one, I have a primary weapon systems J-tac on my underfolder. A bit pricey, but works great at keeping the muzzle down

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