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Thread: SWD Lightning Link w/ Select Fire Kit

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    SWD Lightning Link w/ Select Fire Kit

    I see these for sale on subguns.

    What's the deal with these type of parts.

    They seem to sell for around $6000.00

    Can I drop them into an AR and have a legal full auto AR on my existing gun? can I replace or repair parts if they fail or am I s.o.l.

    What are the restrictions?

    If these are stupid questions be gentle.


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    very simple..........

    transferable nfa item, form 4, 200 tax

    link will drop in most ARs.
    link alone is full auto, no semi
    link with fire control kit is full auto and semi
    link must be installed in conjunction with fire control kit..meaning if you take link out and leave firecontrol parts in lower you break the law.
    link is a item that is considered breakable and the least desireable AR full auto option. If broken, link can only be repaired. It is possible that if broken, and you were able to contact the orginal maker SWD and they still held a SOT, that they could cut you a new one and destroy your old one. BUT SWD is out of business and this practice described is not confirmed as in the case of what Olympic arms is claiming.
    link should last many years and many rounds with only new paddle part needed.
    if buying as a shooter, i would say no way for 6K
    if buying to play with a few times then sitting on it for a investment, then maybe.

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    I wouldn't buy a Lightning Link, I don't care if it was $1000.00. Your money would be better spent if you saved another 3k and bought a RDIAS.

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