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Thread: uzi alignment jig

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    Question uzi alignment jig

    Hello anyone have or willing to sell or know where to purchase uzi alignment jig for welding up group industries rectever?

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    Barrel Alignment Jig

    I bought one a few months back off of
    Doesn't look too hard to field fabricate one, it reduces down in diameter a couple of times along the bar.

    It would be simple to make one, it starts out at a diameter that fits you're Trunion (Semi or SMG) than reduces down to slip withing the barrel restrictor ring - than runs through the point where the magazine feed lips would enclose around and then to the end of the receiver.

    At some point you would be expected to "dry fit' the bolt in place to insure that the bolt face is perfectly in alignment at all points in the receiver channel to insure direct feed and alignment into the bore of the barrel with the face of the bolt.

    You could almost do it with a laser if you are into precision alignment, I'm still working on my Uzi so I can't get rid of it but in a worse case situation just send me an address and I'll draw up the bars specification and the end plate it came with it and you can have a machine shop fabricate you one - it won't be expensive as it's very simple. The measurements are what's key.

    Best Regards,

    Johnny Use Title: Uzi Info

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    If I were to build another UZI on a Group receiver and didn't have an alignment jig I would save my money and use an UZI barrel as my guide rod.

    Depending on what type of barrel, Trunnion and feedramp you have.
    Most use semi parts, but some guys opt into using a mix of full auto parts
    because of the relative inexpensive and readily available full auto parts out there.
    The barrel trunion, feed ramp and rear trunion are what need to be in allignment.
    Install the feedramp with a light tig weld and then line up the barrel trunion and rear trunions using a barrel. I've used a 10.5 inch full auto barrel to do this before.
    Just turn the barrel restictor ring off and the feed ramp down.
    Level your Group receiver on a flat surface and then make sure the barrel trunion is level with the feedramp and then take the barrel and line it up with the feedramp and hole in the rear trunion.

    Its not 100% accurate, but your Group receiver will never be 100% accurate.
    From my experience the UZI is relatively forgiving and the front sights can adjust up to 3 degrees of differential.

    If the barrel option doesn't work for you then just find a piece of round bar stock thats flat and turn it down to the right size and use it.

    If i were to give you just a small piece of free advice?
    TRASH that GROUP RECEIVER and get a Global or McKay receiver!

    If you start with junk you'll only end up with junk.

    Good luck!

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    This thread has links that should help you out:

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