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Thread: UZI 45 ACP conversion kit for semi-auto rifle

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    Question UZI 45 ACP conversion kit for semi-auto rifle

    Looking for a 45 ACP conversion kit for my semi-auto 9mm rifle. Who has them and what is a good price? Also are the kits "drop in" and need no modification to the firearm? Are magazines readily available for them?

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    you basically need a complete .45 semi bolt and .45 barrel, maybe $200. Vector Arms may still have those. Then you need mags but they are hard to find, often over $100 each for factory .45 uzi mags. Your other option beyond using factory mags is to buy a Grease Gun conversion lower (about $250) from either Vector (if they still have them), or Chris Humphries. Grease Gun mags are between $20 to $30 each.
    You'll use the original 9mm striker/firing pin assembly.
    The ability to shoot .45 is fun, but expensive and the folding stock bites your cheek. Get a fixed stock for comfort if you're going to shoot .45 much.
    A .22 conversion is way more bang for the buck.

    Lot's of info on uzitalk if you seach.
    Here is just one link for more info:

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