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Thread: Form 1 or AOW?????

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    Form 1 or AOW?????

    If I were to make a Pocket knife into a single shot pistol,What would that fall under?

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    You would form 1 it as aow. It's still 200.00 stamp to make a aow. It would be aow if it shoots like a pen gun but if it had a grip like a handgun on stamp needed

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    Forms are the paperwork you fill out. Depends on what you are doing what Form you need;

    ATF F 5310.12 (Form 7) Application for License (FFL)
    ATF F 5310.16 (Form 7CR) Application for License (FFL) Collector of Curios and Relics

    ATF F 5320.1 (Form 1) Application to Make and Register a Firearm
    ATF F 5320.2 (Form 2) Notice of Firearms Manufactured or Imported
    ATF F 5320.3 (Form 3) Application for Tax-Exempt Transfer of Firearm and Registration to Special Occupational Taxpayer (National Firearms Act)
    ATF F 5320.4 (Form 4) Application for Tax Paid Transfer and Registration of a Firearm
    ATF F 5320.5 (Form 5) Application for Tax Exempt Transfer and Registration of Firearm
    ATF F 5320.9 (Form 9) Application and Permit for Permanent Exportation of Firearms
    ATF F 5320.10 (Form 10) Application For Registration of Firearms Acquired by Certain Government

    AOW/SBS/SBR/MG/DD/Silencer is the type of weapon you put on your Form

    You need much more info about your project. If you wanted to make your pocket knife into a Pistol then you just have to build it in a way that meets the definition of a Pistol. If you build it in a way that does not meet the definition of a Pistol then it would most likely be an AOW. Unlike building a pistol if you build an NFA item you will need to do paperwork and have prior approval.

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