I just picked up a series 180 Mini-14 and the original stock is in a pretty rough shape. So, I was hoping to find a replacement stock with the original factory specs and most important, the factory look, but in walnut to fit this rifle.

Is there a place I can find one or will I have to have one custom maded.... If so, who can do this type of work??

Since I'm not looking for any fancy wood grain pattern... a uniformed, yet very plain looking wood is what I'm really hoping and looking for.

Also, if walnut isn't an option, I could live with either birch or beech wood with a very plain/uniformed grain pattern.

BTW, I emailed Ruger and I was informed that they didn't have any wooden upper handguards to fit a series 180 Mini-14 in stock and if they did, they wouldn't be able to match it to the stock's grain/color pattern. So that's why I'm hoping to find somebody who can reproduce a custom " factory spec" replacement stock for my rifle.

Also, I have a series 185 Mini-14GB rifle that I wouldn't mind replacing the original stock with a nice walnut stock!! ...I might be placing another Mini-14 on lay-a-way and this one is a series 181 and would like to do the same for it as well.

thanks for looking and for any advice!!