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Thread: Mac 90 Sporter. 1990 full threaded barrel

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    Mac 90 Sporter. 1990 full threaded barrel

    MAK 90

    Hello.... I am new here so please bare with me...

    I just bought a Mak 90 7.62x39 Sporter model. Imported from China in lookes like 1990 ? has a 6 spaced after the 1990. Was imported by ACC. INT. Laintrac knoxville TN. Since it was imported by an american company.. dose that mean its legal? I've heard you have to swap out parts and crap on these to make them legal.....

    Help I am clueless and new to this rifle. I am X army. But we didn't train on these...
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    Does it have a thumbhole stock??

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    With the muzzle being threaded, you'll need six US parts to be kosher with a stamped receiver; five if it's a milled receiver. Get us a pic and we'll go from there.
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