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Thread: Vepr Conversion

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    Vepr Conversion

    Hey Guys I just finished a vepr build , I had vepr thumbhole .308 sitting around and enough compliance parts to convert this vepr . I was going to do a Saiga but wanted the heavyer receiver and barrel . It is the short barrel at 16.50 long .
    I will get some pics posted , I had the robinson arms front and rear stock , turns out the rear cut on the thumbhole reciver is a different angle than the robinson arms .
    I was able to remachine the stock , it was only off by a few degree's , front stock fit perfect .
    I had a dual hook tapco hammer and trigger , I converted the receiver to a dual hook for the single ... was not to bad I just took my time with the milling machine .
    The hardest part of the build was I had to modify the tapco hammer to match the same profile as the russian hammer I removed . The hammer also had a deeper cut on the russian to clear the receiver center body pin .
    The gun turned out perfect , the action is way smoother than my robinson arms veprs ...
    I just seen Atlantic has been advertizing there selling vepr's again , so if any of you guys have ideas of wanting to convert one ... its a little more work than you think .
    I'll gets some pics up in a few days .

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    Their is a US firm now offering 20 round mags for the Vepr .308 rifles !! We also expect Vepr rifles in 762 x 54R & Super Vepr .308 rifles in late May or early June !!

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