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Thread: Egging takedown pin holes, Possible cure.

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    Egging takedown pin holes, Possible cure.

    Some time ago, I posted a thread about the possibility of using different takedown pin material that’s softer (sacrificial pin) than the m11 receiver. I went from aluminum to delrin and SID T. Advised me on another material (can’t remember at the moment). The softer material would take damage instead of the receiver takedown pin holes.
    The Consensus was that it wasn’t the best option; however, a few members like the idea.

    Fast forward to now.
    I spoke to OFFMARKSMAN about this very issue and he told me that he has already made a couple of pins. Granted it’s more labor-intensive than my idea but in the same ballpark. He then sent me one that was sent to MARS by USPS; Therefore, He sent me another one and this video is the first test with it. I’ll be doing more testing with the CF-W A bolt and the factory bolt. I’ll also use my M11 (380). He has put 1,000 rounds through his pin.

    Video below.

    Huge thanks to OFFMARKSMAN for letting me use this.
    I’m not sure what the future holds but I’ll be 100% honest with him and you all. As with all prototypes changes can be made, if needed.
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    Thanks KickStand! The delrin pin in mine has approx 1000 rounds of 9mm without any signs of deformation. I think with a good upper to lower fit, these will work for a lot more rounds than some speculated. I guess we shall see...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Offmarksman View Post
    I think with a good upper to lower fit

    maybe that is the egging problem in itself?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BuffDragon View Post
    maybe that is the egging problem in itself?
    Yes, that could be the issue. Excess play during firing.

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    How about a material like Hydlar Z? It's a aramid reinforced nylon. It's handle wear better than delrin but still be able to deform and give compared to steel.

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    Those are some really good looking pictures in the end of that video. LOL

    I have to give credit to for such a great job on my M10 and accessories.

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