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Thread: My Life Journey With Smith & Wesson

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    A new book called My Life Journey with Smith & Wesson by Dwayne W. Charron, former director of research and development at Smith & Wesson, has recently been release. The book reveals the behind-the-scene story of several Smith & Wesson firearms, including the Model 76 submachine gun, which will be of interest to most readers of this forum. The book can be ordered at My Life Journey with Smith and Wesson.

    Many thanks to Dwayne Charron for taking the time to capture this history for all of us to enjoy. Thanks also to his son Dean W. Charron (uzitalk member Son-of-a-gun-designer) for his help promoting the book and bringing it to our attention. I wish Dwayne and Dean great success with this book project and encourage all of the Smith & Wesson fans here to get a copy of the book while it lasts.


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    Own a Piece of Smith & Wesson History

    First of all, "Thanks" to all the forum members who have purchased a copy of my father's book, "My Life Journey with Smith & Wesson" and to Rover Dave for promoting my dad's book.

    For those of you not familiar with my father, he is Dwayne W. Charron and he was the head of Research and Development at Smith & Wesson during what I like to think of as their glory days. My father was employed at S&W for 47 years and he says, "Not one day did I ever not look forward to going to S&W." His book chronicles all 47 years, from his start pushing the sandwich and coffee cart to his final days as a docent at the S&W museum.

    When we published my dad's book this past September, we did a special Collector's Edition, which was signed by my father and numbered--we are only issuing 500 copies of this edition and it is nearly sold out.

    In his Forward in the book, Roy Jinks mentions D. B. Wesson, Charles A. King, James Bullard, Joseph Wesson, Douglas Wesson and Joe Norman. Mr. Jinks puts my father at the end of that list as one of the company's legendary gun designers.

    By putting a Collector's Edition copy of "My Life Journey with Smith & Wesson" in your gun book library, you will be adding a tangible piece of Smith & Wesson history to your collection--my father's signature--not to mention you will discover information that only an insider like my father would know.

    My dad is now 87 and my goal is to get his story in the hands of as many gun enthusiasts as I can. I am so thankful that my father was able to get his knowledge and experience in writing before it was lost to the ages.

    If you want to learn more about my father's book, please visit our website.

    Thank you,

    Dean W. Charron
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    Web site is dead as in for sale dead. through go daddy.

    and the book seems to be out of print already as I can't find a copy.

    Anyone know where I would get a copy of this book?

    I don't have the 76 but I did buy a clone. also have a few Smith handguns so it might be worth my time to read.