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Thread: 22LR Conversion Kit Tuning Procedures.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Naginata5 View Post
    I picked up a last generation vector kit and put it in my IMI. I walked through the tuning instructions and the only thing I found was the extractor was a little loose so I tightened it up. It came with black dog mags and 90% of them will not feed the last 3 round and the amount of rimlocks are ridiculous. Is it possible the mags need to be rebuilt, or is there another issue?

    If you load the mag to 32 rounds and expect all the rounds to fire good luck its 22lr the mags work best loaded to 25-30. The rim lock is easy watch them as you load to avoid it. Make sure the inside of the mags don't have lead shavings floating around.
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    UZI 22LR FA conversion kits out of stock

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    Not loading the mags to full capacity by any means. And I'm very careful to stagger the rounds but it's almost like the spring tension isn't strong enough and allows the rounds to slide past each others rims and lock. Figure I'll try some rebuild kits as I didnt buy the mags new and see if that helps.

    Richard, if you ever felt like doing some little YouTube segments on the ins and outside of 22 conversions that would be awesome, but I understand time is money!

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    I need help ejecting... Fire fine, extract fine, but I'm not hitting my ejector. Casings just stay locked in the extractor. Picture below, should the ejector and extractor have so much space between them? Any other adjustments I should make? Thanks!

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    The 22 Kits do not use the 9mm ejector. The 22 ejector is built into the magazine. Follow the setup procedure pinned to the top of my forum.
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