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Thread: Silencer:History & performance Vol.3

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    Silencer:History & performance Vol.3

    Has this been published yet? If not, anybody know a tentative date?

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    Check out the bottom of this thread on Bower's board. Looks like it's going to be a while yet.



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    TEXT from subguns.com...

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    Re: Hi... when's volume 3 coming out? TIA... ntxt

    Posted By: Al Paulson <acpaulson@ipa.net>
    Date: 9/29/04 15:31

    In Response To: Hi... when's volume 3 coming out? TIA... ntxt (stymie)

    I need to wrap up a book on small arms first. That should be submitted to the publisher by December 31 of this year. I hope to submit Volume 3 of the silencer series by the end of next year.

    I've been working on Volume 3 since 2001. Both as an editor and writer, I've noticed that most books require 3-5 years worth of work. (Volume 2 took six years.)

    I'm already gathering information for Volume 4 in my “spare” time. There's more good stuff to talk about with each passing day.

    Also just finished writing the forward to a new silencer book by N.R. Parker that should be out by Christmas of this year. Highly recommended. Check for it in Paladin’s Christmas catalog.

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