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Thread: Diagnosing Bolt-Specific FTE

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    Diagnosing Bolt-Specific FTE

    Now that my F1 arrived, I've been spending a bunch of time and probably a thousand plus rounds so far trying to dial in a McKay UZI. Right now I am stuck on a FTE that has been following the bolt around. The FTE changes up every time(how the round is stuck in the weapon), but the spent cartridge just isn't clearing the bolt area. Been using WWB, Winchester Q4138 NATO to test out so I know this isn't the ammo and shouldn't be mag related.

    Let me fast-forward to a picture to ask a question:

    The bolt on the left with its striker assembly is the sum total of what I purchased circa 2014 and I run in a NoDak. I presume it came from NoDak or similar - whomever was selling the bolts you paired with a NoDak receiver back then. The bolt on the left runs like a top and if I put this into my McKay setup the McKay setup runs like a champ. The bolt on the right I purchased from McKay in 2016 back when they were having trouble producing bolts and I was on backorder for months before they finally got their bolt production going.

    The bolt on the left seems to have some type of recess/relief behind the extractor. The bolt on the right does not have that, but has a shiny line from brass right where the relief would be.

    Are semi-auto bolts supposed to have a relief behind the extractor? I'm wondering whether McKay cut a step in their bolt production and whether that might explain why I am having problems with failing to eject that follows this bolt. I did bingle UZI Bolts and didn't see a picture that showed this area all that well.

    BTW: I have run 2 seperate extractors in this bolt without solving the problem - first a SMG extractor I mod'd with the Semi-Auto cut on it and the 2nd a real original IMI Semi-Auto extractor just purchased from IWI so pretty confident the problem isn't the extractor.

    Next Q - in 2017 is anyone else producing Semi Auto bolts?
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