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Thread: STEN failure to extract issues

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    I'm curious where you picked up the sten mag repair tools. I'd like to own a set.

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    Quote Originally Posted by m1garand_man View Post
    I was probably going to buy some Wolff mp40 mag springs since they should work and are about half the cost of stock springs.
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    MP38/40 mag springs a shorter and weaker than the Sten mag spring.

    As far as ammo I am using 124gr reloads that worked fine in the past and Remington 115gr factory loads.
    Reloads and Low Energy Rem! Those are two things I stay away from like the plague.

    Have you tried a box of something with a bit more pep? The 115gr Mk2z ammo used by the British has a velocity of about 1,300 fps.

    The chamber is perfect. The barrel was made by sa machine.
    I have never had much luck with reproduction barrels. Original barrels are not hard to find and nothing is going to beat one.

    Quote Originally Posted by m1garand_man View Post
    I wish I could find a British technical manual with repair instructions for the sten. We have them in the US army. I'm surprised that Google turns up nothing useful.
    Call Brian, he usually has all the manuals

    I am not sure the manuals will help you much. They are for the original gun, ammo, etc, etc. You are pretty far away from that.

    The mag has always been the weakest link on the Sten. Itís a design flaw. It has too much internal friction. Thatís why it needs the powerful spring, to overcome the internal friction.

    If you donít want to use a loader, you can try an Indian ICR 19 round converted may. The ďlow frictionĒ conversion turns it into a single stack. It also has a modified follower and a shortened spring.

    I can give you the correct feed lip dimensions, but if you are using reloads and a repro barrel they probably wonít help. You will need to use what works with your ammo and barrel.

    The more you get away from the original, the more you will need to tweak the gun to get it to run. Sometimes it can become like a water balloon, you change something and it creates another problem.

    I always try to use original parts and ammo thatís close to spec for the gun. Aftermarket gun parts are just like aftermarket car parts. They are close, but not quite the same. My recommendation to you would be to use OEM Sten parts.

    Quote Originally Posted by Starvingboy View Post
    I'm curious where you picked up the sten mag repair tools. I'd like to own a set.
    BRP has them.

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    Thanks for the info, that was really helpful.

    My old reloads were a 115gr with 7gr of hs6. I had zero ammo related issues other than there was always a lot of unburned powder in the action.

    I have tried some loads using unique and a 124gr bullet going 1400 fps out of the sten. Those were defiantly +p. Reliability was on point but the bolt was hitting the end cap.

    I have been using red dot with the 124s because it's what I have but it's not an ideal load. Red dot has too steep a pressure curve for 124s to achieve decent velocity and not have pressure issues but it's what I had on hand. That powder work's great for 147 subs and 115s though.

    My next round of loading will be with IMR CFE pistol and I plan on loading to spec for the 124s. I'm stuck with that weight for now because I have 12k bullets on hand for it.
    I can load hot for the sten if I have to.

    As for the springs, a stock mp40 spring would be innapropriate but the ones wolf sells are 14" long vs 12.5" which is the spec for the sten. The coil dimensions are close enough they will fit under the follower with out fuss. Also they are 26 or 27 coil springs. I figured I would try ten of them out and see what happens before I switch the rest.

    I did pick up the the tools from brp. They are out of the gauges but still have the repair tools.

    In my experience you will have some round tilt issues after using them which requires squeezing the rear cartridge necking indentation in the magazine to get it back to spec.

    I'll probably be making a YouTube video on that process soon.

    As far as original barrels go, I have not had any luck finding one that wasn't part of a kit since I owned the gun. I was also under the impression. The Scott Andrey at SA machine made good barrels, at least the level of machining looked pretty good compared to some of the crap barrels I own.

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