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Thread: Another AK Bump fire thread!

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    Another AK Bump fire thread!

    Hmmmm Veddy Interestingggggg!!!!

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    Meh, you can do the same thing with a stiff trigger finger but this does make it easier. You still have to let the gun jump around, I would prefer a binary trigger. All that said, the best thing about this item is that there are mount to be 3d printer files for a comparable device eventually. It is really going to get to the point that restricting full autos is useless, even more so than it is now. To me the binary trigger is the real game changer, just wait for them to come down in price and increase in quality.

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    I would have liked to have seen this come to market actually. The makers were threatened by the owners of the slidefire system for patten infringment I believe...I could be wrong:

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