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Thread: Need advice on Uzi receiver alignment

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    Need advice on Uzi receiver alignment

    Is anybody familiar with the 80% receiver repair sections out there and how to go about rebuilding the receiver with one? I purchased mine from RTG gunparts a while back but lost the downtime I had to work on it. It looks fairly easy to complete since it's only missing the front section and the internals, my only concern is making sure it's properly aligned so that everything functions smoothly.
    What is the best way to make sure everything lined properly before welding other than using a jig?
    What are some problems that I might run into if the front section is not welded properly? Any tips or advice would be helpful, thanks!

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    The only thing that really needs precise alignment is the front section. You can do it by eye, just make sure that the weld is clamped properly and well. This is important because welds can tend to pull edges together, especially with the gap that will likely be there. Just make sure that the barrel lines up with the feed ramp in the middle, or else the double feed magazines won't feed from one side.

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    There's some info in the Reference section of this Website. Here:

    Best of luck with your project.

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