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Thread: Ak binary trigger

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    If you take a beverage can, aluminum soda or beer, cut the middle out so you end up with a flat square of aluminum and cut a 1/4" strip and fold it up to 4-6 times on itself you can stick it under the disconnector it will give you the desired effect. Firing on the pull of the trigger and again on the release of the trigger. The aluminum you put under the disconnector has to be played with. I have found that 5-6 folds and flatten out after each fold works in every AK. There is a video on youtube about it and where I learned it from. This guy was going to produce a device similar to what I'm talking about and contacted the
    Feds on it but was informed it is illegal, so he made a video showing how easy it is to make from aluminum strip.
    I don't advocate any illegal activity, a novel tip though.

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    I am the one who assigned my patents to Fostech, and received the BATF FTB approval letter for the trigger. My approval letter is on Fostech's website. I have been at the SHOT show the last two years with Fostech, that being said I am not a part of the company beyond the licensing agreement. They are definitely planning on introducing an AK-47 version. Fostech had one (AK-47 ECHO) on display at SHOT 2018 in the new products area. No photography allowed, so I did not even get a picture of it, but it looked very nice and well executed from the exterior. The last I heard, they were hoping to be in production 4th quarter 2018. Some of the ECHOs did have issues, mostly the earlier ones, the QC has improved greatly, issues are rarer now. I have personally installed around 20 in friends and family's rifles, had one I had to send back, that was very early in the production.

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