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Thread: Favorite WW-231/HP-38 115gr 9mm SMG Load

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    Favorite WW-231/HP-38 115gr 9mm SMG Load

    Hi All,

    I was going through my loading notes and I've got some WW-231 loads that seem odd for the 115gr SMG loads. I've got some open bolt loads @ 5.0 gr WW-231 under a 115gr RN, 1.15 OAL. Seems a bit warm.

    If you have a favorite, please let me know what your primer/OAL/charge weight/bullet for your pet load.

    Ok. This assumes that anyone still reloads

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    5.0gn is a max load in many 9x19 guns. It is also an accurate load in many 9x19 guns. I have one manual that shows 4.2gn as max, one that shows 4.3gn max, one that shows 4.7gn as max, and three that show 4.9gn as max (different company manuals).
    I have never found 231/HP38 to be accurate with any 9x19 gun, but for just spraying around, I would go with 4.5-4.6gn 231/HP38 with a 115gn jacketed bullet.

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    K2, Although I don't shoot full auto, i do have a semi auto UZI that just loves your exact recipe. After I built it, I went as high as 5.3gr of 231,, but after about a thousand rounds, I dropped it back to 5.0gr. not only does this load function flawlessly, at 25yds I can get 3" groups all day long (open sights, Model A)...

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