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Thread: Franklin Armory does it AGAIN..

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    imho, let the "operators" and youtube gheys have fun with another ridiculous toy they can get a bro' boner out of cause they didn't have to pay the $200.

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    I've paid my $200 and one of my favorite range toys is my 7.5" AR-15. And I have kept it very simple with NO railed hand guards or flashlights.
    I had a bump stock on it for a while but didn't like it because you can't close the stock. Maybe a Echo-2 trigger later this year.


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    Quote Originally Posted by slimshady View Post
    The definition of shotgun is essentially the same as a rifle, except it has a smoothbore and expels a single OR multiple shot projectiles with a single pull of the trigger. Taking an AR platform rifle and putting a smoothbore bbl on it (from the factory) merely puts it in the shotgun definition instead of rifle. The shockwave and the AR based "firearm" workarounds are workarounds because they lack the buttstock and are not intended to be fired from the shoulder. FA says this has a for real buttstock so it would be designed to be fired from the shoulder.

    If my theory is correct, the semi position would be a release trigger, you pull the trigger, no projectile is expelled. You release the trigger, a single projectile is expelled. Rifle (and shotgun) definition says it has to expel a projectile on the pull, not the release. Now we get into the totally separate definition of MG on the Binary position. The language in that reg says an MG fires more than one shot for a "single function of the trigger". Note it doesn't specify pull or release, just "function". ATF has ruled a pull and a release are separate functions, thus pull bang release bang is not an MG. OTOH, if you go back to the rifle definition, you can't pull a trigger unless it is released first, right? I think they used this logic to say the Binary function makes it expel 2 projectiles for each pull as a release is required to make it fire on the pull. 2 shots per single pull of the trigger instead of 1, not a rifle per the definition in the regs. Over 26" OAL, not an AOW. Legally just a Title 1 Firearm. That's the only loophole I can find in the language of the regs.

    Or I could be totally wrong, I guess we'll find out once Shot opens.
    I tend to agree with the 2 shots . Only logical way I can see it happening.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nklf View Post
    Release triggers are not a natural movement. I used to shoot trap with some guys that had release triggers on their Kriegohf shotguns. I always wondered how many accidental discharges they had when they went bird hunting with a standard trigger. You can learn to use a release trigger, but it is hard to switch back and forth.
    IIRC, there used to be some single shot "target" pistols that fired on release of the trigger.

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