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Thread: Remington R51

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    Remington R51

    Anyone have any recent experience with the R51? I was thinking of picking one up but all the reviews(from mid 2016) show a magazine issue with nosedives. Anyone know if this has been addressed?

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    Junk . LGS sold 10 back in the summer and all 10 have gone back for repair,one has gone back twice for different problems.

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    Plus with Remington trying to declare bankruptcy I wouldn't invest in anything they make that doesn't have a huge aftermarket support system. You can build a 700 without using a single Remington made part, almost the same sitch with an 870, but an R51?

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    wouldnt buy anything from Remington unless its a cheap/junk gun purpose...i buy my kids 870's to start out w/ trap shooting...on sale they are $250--last one i think was $199 after works....taking it apart and putting it back together typically causes me to swear a few times.....before i realized Rem was junk i bought their 1911E...accuracy is decent..trigger is gritty...overall--a junk choice....the prices have dropped dramatically on them from what i paid when it first came out....

    i wouldnt buy their product....unless its a $199 shotgun for a 12 year old girl

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