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Thread: Do you see the M10/45 going up in price or sitting still for a while? Want to sell...

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    I agree in theory and am not impatient but with ATF approval on certain things and a lot of items that one must wait on to buy from these companies , things could take awhile . All great and fun ideas now let's attempt to get them to market in a timely manner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ccosby View Post
    I have a m16a2 and an hk sear. I personally would love a good 22 conversion for the m10. That or beltfed anything. Don't really care past that.
    HK23E! Why mess with the rest when you're set up for the best?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LawBob View Post
    And... are you awake yet?
    Yes I am. And I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is. A .22lr and belt fed option have been mentioned. If the M10 in question would take about a year to transfer . I'll bet any one who wants to $20, and that by the end of 2019, both of those options will be available. Any takers? PM me.