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Just a personal preference, but I don't shoot steel cases in anything, even AKs.
I had a Norinco "Uzi" that would eat anything except Aluminum CCI ammo, it would rip the bullet out the side of the case and dump powder into the mag every single time. Even when I tried to cycle it by hand.
I don't shoot steel in everything and it never even tickles anything I have polygonally rifled. My main AK is in 5.45 so steel is all it eats. Still, I have AR's I'll put Wolf through and a Storm Lake barreled non-glock that chews up Herters 115gr steel cased 9mm.

Heading to the range tomorrow and I might try some of that Herters through my Uzi. I went to a nearby store to see if I could get 50 round boxes of various subsonics but the only 124 they had was hollow points and/or +P and no 147/158 to be seen. They had been picked over pretty well.

I'm thinking a couple thousand 147gr will be ordered soon anyways. The 158 would be nice but I don't think I'll notice much difference.