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Thread: Subgun, PCC Match, near Gettysburg PA, Saturday 14 July, 1000, rain or shine

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    Subgun, PCC Match, near Gettysburg PA, Saturday 14 July, 1000, rain or shine

    I hope that a few forum members can make it. We will have lots of steel, plates, poppers, spinners and stars. The club is very close to Gettysburg PA, I will post directions.

    Subgun & Pistol Caliber Carbine
    Match Information

    Saturday, 14 July 2018, 1000-1700
    Location: Adams County Sport Handgunners Association Range,
    1540 Upper Bermudian Rd, Gardners, PA 17324

    Competition Classes:
    (1) Subgun Iron Sight
    (2) Subgun Optical Sight
    (3) Pistol Caliber Carbine (Rifle in Pistol Caliber)

    What to bring:
    • $25 per run
    • Eye protection in the form of shooting or safety glasses.
    • Hearing protection
    • Gloves for resetting steel targets
    • A legally owned firearm, Fully Automatic Weapon, or Semi-Automatic Pistol Caliber Carbine in good operating condition, shooters must be thoroughly familiar with their firearm’s operation.
    • Ammunition - Pistol Calibers only, about 500 rounds, five magazines and a means to carry them.

    Directions below, but just put the address in your navigation system and it will take you right there. 1540 Upper Bermudian Rd, Gardners, PA 17324

    Directions From Harrisburg:

    Take RT 15 SOUTH through Dillsburg and beyond
    Take the YORK SPRINGS EXIT, at the bottom of the ramp, turn RIGHT
    Go about 2/10 (.2) of a mile, you will see the Adams County National Bank on your right, TURN LEFT onto CRANBERRY ROAD/WILLOW STREET (It's actually Cranberry Valley Road, but in the borough it is also known as Willow Street, there are two signs on the same post that read Willow and Cranberry)
    Go approx. 3 and 8/10 (3.8) of a mile to UPPER BERMUDIAN ROAD (careful, the intersection with Upper Bermudian is just after a blind curve.)
    TURN RIGHT onto UPPER BERMUDIAN ROAD (the sign for this road is sometimes out, so at the proper mileage and the 5 way intersection, turn right before the brick house).
    Go approx. 8/10 (.8) of a mile, you will see our sign on the right - Adams County Sport Handgunners, 1540 Upper Bermudian Road, the 1540 is in reflective blue.

    Directions from Maryland/York/anyone coming up Rt. 15
    Here are directions for those of you coming up 15 North (from Maryland, coming across 116 or 30 from the Hanover or York areas, from Gettysburg, etc.).

    Route 15 North to the Heidlersburg Exit.
    Left onto 234 (then go a little over .5 (1/2) mile to the first major intersection.
    Right onto Old Harrisburg Road (old business 15)
    Go .8 (8/10) mile (Past church on the left, DO NOT TURN ONTO Company Farm Road)
    At 1st complete (roads crossing in both directions) intersection, left onto Oxford Road. Up over the hill.
    Follow road, after 1.5 (1 and 1/2) mile, stay on road through 90 degree left at light blue farmhouse.
    Up to 5 way intersection. Bear slightly to the right onto Upper Bermudian Road (It's the road to the right of the brick house).
    Club is approx. .8 (8/10) mile. Look for small white sign on right, Adams County Sport Handgunners, 1540 Upper Bermudian Road, Gardners PA
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    Well, We have three forum members who will shoot the Subgun Match on Saturday, Our club is becoming more Full Auto friendly because of these matches and other events.

    Give a shout out if you can make it.

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    I'm planning on shooting as well.

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    I had a lot fun, We had some talented shooters show up. An Uzi Talk member won both Optics and Iron sights with an Uzi. I am always happy to see an Uzi beat those Macs The top four are forum members.

    Also a rep from IWI, (Harrisburg, PA is not far) shot the match with an FA Tavor X-95. A great gun, a few of had a chance to shoot it. He did have a problem with his optics.
    His EOTech had faded out. I pulled mine off an AR that I was not using and it was on zero for his X95 and he was able to complete the match. We discovered that my EOTech had the same issue, but still workable. I guess that they fix that issue quickly at no cost. Again the Tavor was great, not an issue with the gun.

    We also had a few PCC shooters who shot for the first time. They had a lot of fun.

    The scores will be posted soon on the PC3C Facebook page. They will also be uploaded in PractiScore.
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    Results from Saturday subgun match

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    Great match Pat. Lots of variety, strong side, weak side as well as alot of ammo dumps. Something for everybody. lots of steel to knock down and it was run very well. Two thumbs up!!

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    Thank you for putting this together Pat! Pounding stakes into rocky PA soil, dragging around poppers and spinners is not for the weak of heart!
    The RO’s and reset helpers were on their game and made for an early afternoon finish allowing those with a long drive to get home at a decent hour. Nice group of people also!
    I want stage 3 back but it showed how fast I can miss with a mag dump!
    See you next time!

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