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Thread: FNC Headspace question

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    FNC Headspace question

    I'm hoping someone can help me out. I bought a set of Clymer .223 Go/Nogo and 5.56 Max/Min headspace gauges. They work great on several AR's, an Austrian AUG, and an IMI Galil.

    Why don't they work on FNC's? I tried this on three different FNC's, including one I have taken out and fired with no issues. In all three cases, the bolt refuses to close on the Go gauges. Is it a difference between CIP and SAAMI chamber dimensions? I asked PACO recently and hope to hear back but I am at a loss.

    Does anyone have any specifics on FNC chamber dimensions? Maybe someone has drawings of the upper and lower receiver with dimensions?

    Also- Is there a reason Howco's seem to be more expensive than Steyr or Gunsouth FNC's?

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    Here you go

    mini 37.89mm
    Maxi 38.11
    reject 38.15mm

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