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Thread: Full Auto Mini-14 Conversion

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    Mag dumps on an m16 won’t give you much better results. If you want to stay on target, short bursts are required with any rifle caliber being shot from a shoulder. The subguns will yield better “accuracy” results, if you are wanting to do mag dumps. The .22lr kits also work pretty good, if wanting to stay on a silhouette sized target at 25.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cajun 22 View Post
    It looks like the one Clyde Armory sold in the past. Had one for a mini 14 and it was nice. Sold it to a guy with a AC556 that literally begged me for a year because he could not find one in the wild.
    The AC556's receiver is wider because of the selector mechanism, not sure how he was able to fit the AC in a Mini stock.

    Quote Originally Posted by ScottinTexas View Post
    What stock is that?
    Clyde SCAR, I believe they don't sell them but you can get a Mini14 from Sage. Sage made them for Clyde and they're great.

    Quote Originally Posted by Battering ram NIB View Post
    I would get a Mac 11, a Lage max31, and a Lage 11/15

    Get other uppers as time goes on.

    Get 6 guns vs 1 ruger ac556

    And probably have a more controllable 223 vs the ruger

    AND probably have a gun that goes up in value quicker. Rugers are going down now

    If you can swing a $19 colt sp1 I’d go for it

    M14 is a beast of a gun. Ive got a few semi 308s. But full auto 308 needs a bipod only. To me that’s not fun shooting. I want to move around a bit and blast at multiple targets. Sitting at a bench with a bipod isn’t my thing.
    That's a bit of an exaggeration at best. I have no problems putting a full mag into a silhouette at 20yrds in full auto... .223 doesn't have much recoil at all. The rotating garande system can be a little weird at first but extremely easy to overcome after a mag or two.
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