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Thread: Uzi noob ammo question

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    Uzi noob ammo question

    I just bought a mint condition Norinco 320.

    This is my first Uzi, and itís very stiff. I havenít had a chance to shoot it yet, but have heard they run best on full power ammo.

    Can anyone recommmend what factory load or loads I should be stocking up on, or recommend a known handload that has performed well in these over the years?


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    Winchester white box works well also I have ran the Winchester Forged which is the steal case equivalent. I found it for 12 cent/rd, stocked up at that price. As far as handloads I haven't loaded for the UZI in a while because ammo is so cheap right now.

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    WWB was the defacto standard, but they have moved to an extremely strong crimp and I know myself and others have had problems with it in the last few years. Right now I'm using the Winchester Q4318 124gr NATO ammo to move that heavy bolt around.

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