Ok, so I went shooting last weekend and everything went well. Only problem I experienced was zeroing a Nikko Sterling scope that was fitted to an FX airgun previously, using a faulty bore sight.

I also need to add that I only realized I left my magazine bag in the safe when I started unpacking at the range. So all of these were single shots. Which sucked. But the trade-off was that I could lean into my shooting bag more effectively.

Rifle is a Vektor production LM5 with a 1:9 twist.

This is the scope fitted to the rifle. Nikko Sterling.

Grouping at 50m with handloaded Hornady V-max rounds. Under an inch.

Grouping at 100m with purchased PMP 55gr FMJBT. Two sets of 5 rounds, aimed at different targets. 3.5" grouping on 1st set, 3" grouping on 2nd. The dust cover was removed and replaced between the two sets. This was done to prove that the zero would remain the same after disassembly. I was shocked at the difference in performance regarding the groupings. I was always under the impression that boat tail projectiles would be more accurate than flat base rounds, but experience has proven different.

I'll upload a video soon.