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Thread: Spring 2019 Knob Creek National Subgun Match teaser

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    Spring 2019 Knob Creek National Subgun Match teaser

    Once again the time is near. Knob Creek, that is. And that means it is time for the Spring 2019 Knob Creek National Subgun Match teaser. Our fearless leader, Shaggy, a fan of Ian McCollumn (aren’t we all) and his new book about French Rifles. All of the sudden, ooh la la, a French Resistance theme jumped out. Dastardly thoughts ensued. Taking out transportation, seeking out and eliminating the enemy, and destroying their equipment. The mind wobbles. Anyway, for those of you who will be there as well as competitors, just wanted a teaser out there. If you wanna play, there are still spots. If you wanna watch, there will be bleachers. Come add to or watch about 40,000 rounds expended over the two-day match. See y’all there, if you can make it…
    Paul : -)#

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    Sounds like a very promising course of fire. Wish I could make it but work & a family trip take precedent this spring. Hope to be there for the fall match. Have a blast- I expect to see some MT members banging it up!
    Live Bravely, Live Freely!

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    Always a fun match. Wish I could make it but I have a new baby. I'm angling for the fall though!

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