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Thread: Ohio State SMG STILL ON

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    Ohio State SMG STILL ON

    I wanted to drop a line and say that as of now and unless Governor DeWine does something totally stupid, the Ohio State SMG March is STILL ON! It will be June 20 held at Tusco Rifle Club. Details for your 5320.20ís will listed below. There are plenty of accommodations in the area as well. Cost will be $25 per class and if you want to shoot more than 2 classes let me know and we will try to make that happen based on squad sizes. Approx round count will be 250-350 rds per class (depending on how heavy you are on your trigger) plan on bringing 1,000 rds for shooting two classes to be safe.


    Iron sight
    Optic sight

    Tusco Rifle Club
    2132 Midvale Mine Road
    Dennison Ohio 44621

    Any questions-email, txt or call me as I donít always get PM notifications on here.

    John Bosio
    (330) 432-4598

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    Giving this a bump as a reminder. Still have some openings for anyone wanting to come.

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    Central Ohio
    Hotel suggestions? We’re not doing the camper this time.

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    holiday inn express in new philly had good reviews

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    Per John:

    Sign Up: 8-9AM
    Range Briefing 9:30AM
    Shooting by 9:45 / 10AM

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    Whew, that was fun. Thanks for everything. Hope we didn’t tease to hard when you won first place (again)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starvingboy View Post
    Whew, that was fun. Thanks for everything. Hope we didnít tease to hard when you won first place (again)
    He wasn't teased enough

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    Results Ohio State SubGun Competition 2020


    John B 111.82
    Brian L 127.75
    Jono S 128.01
    Cain G 148.82
    Tom J 158.1
    Joyce C 170.05
    Stewart 210.27
    Joe C 219.47
    Bruce E 224.95
    J J 233.31
    Irene C 238.02
    Joel B 240.81
    Bill T 335.12
    Mike G 369.71
    Bill T 539.03

    Optic -

    John B 100.04
    Stewart 118.38
    Joe R 128.3
    Sean C 128.62
    Jono S 130.74
    Garrett J 132.1
    Bruce E 134.3
    Brian L 138.41
    Tom J 142.2
    Joe C 155.58
    Irene C 166.61
    David L 76.06
    Cory B 182.65
    Cain G 186.87
    Joe R 196.88
    Joe 199.59
    Joyce C 203.31
    Clif Y 232.43
    Joel B 236.38
    Bob S 239.1
    Joe B 250.84
    Amy G 342.87

    PCC -

    Taylor W 142.24
    Bruce E 152.99
    Moose 155.58
    J J 167.33
    Karl S 184.2
    Irene C 263.09
    Emily R 287.52
    Emily R 290.57
    Amy G 298.96
    Allan 500.01


    Garrett J 106.07
    Bruce E 118.79
    Joe K 119.68
    Frank R 127.69
    Cory B 148.31
    Sean C 160.29
    Irene C 163.93
    Frank R 197.93
    David L 221.43
    Karl S 281.5
    Mike G 333.2

    Overall -

    John B Optic 100.04
    Garrett J Unlimited 106.07
    John B Iron 111.82
    Stewart Optic 118.38
    Bruce E Unlimited 118.79
    Joe K Unlimited 119.68
    Frank R Unlimited 127.69
    Brian L Iron 127.75
    Jono S Iron 128.01
    Joe R Optic 128.3
    Sean C Optic 128.62
    Jono S Optic 130.74
    Garrett J Optic 132.1
    Bruce E Optic 134.3
    Brian L Optic 138.41
    Tom J Optic 142.2
    Taylor W PCC 142.24
    Cory B Unlimited 148.31
    Cain G Iron 148.82
    Bruce E PCC 152.99
    Moose PCC 155.58
    Joe C Optic 155.58
    Tom J Iron 158.1
    Sean C Unlimited 160.29
    Irene C Unlimited 163.93
    Irene C Optic 166.61
    J J PCC 167.33
    Joyce C Iron 170.05
    David L Optic 176.06
    Cory B Optic 182.65
    Karl S PCC 184.2
    Cain G Optic 186.87
    Joe R Optic 196.88
    Frank R Unlimited 197.93
    Joe K Optic 199.59
    Joyce C Optic 203.31
    Stewart Iron 210.27
    Joe C Iron 219.47
    David L Unlimited 221.43
    Bruce E Iron 224.95
    Clif Y Optic 232.43
    J J Iron 233.31
    Joel B Optic 236.38
    Irene C Iron 238.02
    Bob S Optic 239.1
    Joel B Iron 240.81
    Joe B Optic 250.84
    Irene C PCC 263.09
    Karl S Unlimited 281.5
    Emily R PCC 287.52
    Emily R PCC 290.57
    Amy G PCC 298.96
    Mike G Unlimited 333.2
    Bill T Iron 335.12
    Amy G Optic 342.87
    Mike G Iron 369.71
    Allan PCC 500.01
    Bill T Iron 539.03

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    Photos from 2020 Ohio state sub gun match

    If anyone is interested in the photos taken during this years match just keep an eye out here for information on how to access them. We set up a time lapse on the upper range along with photos taken at all 3 stages.

    Please be patient while we process / edit the images.

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    Once again I want to thank everyone that came out. It was a great time and looking forward to next year!! I won’t be as mean next year with the stars....

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    Oh and to SB and Kur-I’m glad I opened the door to run when I announced that LMAO couple of the guys were taking tips from ANTIFA....suggesting next year pre place a pallet of bricks for throwing LMAO

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    Ok, so it took me a couple weeks to get around to messing with some of my video. And I had one or two stages where the GoPro didn't want to cooperate. Probably operator error.

    Overall, it was a fun and challenging match. John did a really good job putting together a varied set of courses.

    I had brought home the printed stage descriptions, but that paper has disappeared into the mess of my basement reloading room. So I'm just going off memory here. Sorry, I don't recall the names of the first two stages. But they're pretty straightforward.

    Stage 1 was a pretty good field course. Shooting Texas Stars isn't too challenging... until you cover the upper 2/3 of the array, and make the shooters only engage the targets at the bottom. This makes for an off-balance star, and the last plate can really get whipping around. (I wish we had a video of the full Beta Mag dump that still couldn't hit the last plate )

    Stage 2 was a bunch of plates through a barrel. Not bad. The barrel was at a level that made the shooter crouch at an awkward height, plus required them to move left to right.

    Stage 3 was called Subgun School. It had 5 separate strings of fire, each timed separately. It was geared around subgun fundamentals. It was challenging, but in a good way. It really shows where people's weaknesses were.

    The first string was a little enlightening. You had to shoot a 15-round burst through a cardboard circle at a target. Any hits on the cardboard counted as a 1-second penalty. While it's common to think the gun would want to climb, it was interesting to see how many hits were below the circle. It seems we tend to drive the gun down, in an attempt to counter the natural upward rise.

    It was also interesting to see how many people struggled to hit four poppers at around 10-yards when shooting from the hip. Movies (I know, consider the source) would lead us to believe we can just spray a burst from the hip and all targets will drop. There were more than a few people who had to use a second mag to get all of the targets to fall.

    Overall, lots of fun. Looking forward to shooting there again next year!

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    2020 Ohio State sub gun match photos

    Photos and time lapse can be found at this link:
    Last edited by pedro40; 07-17-2020 at 02:38 AM.

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    I’m glad everyone had a good time. I’ll have to plan how to make things more challenging for next year

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