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Thread: Richard - Trying to Reach You

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    Richard - Trying to Reach You

    Richard - I emailed you and have not heard back from you. I tried to call and your voicemail is full. I emailed again this morning re: my MK-760 trigger pack that you have. Please see email (from Tom K) for message and let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

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    I've emailed him once a month for the past 4 months asking for an update on backordered sw76 barrel with no reply.

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    Tomk - I emailed you the invoice yesterday.

    ehunt - I have responded to every email I have gotten from you. I am currently waiting on barrel blanks to make barrels. Whenever I can get them from my supplier I will start another run of barrels.

    I am sorry about my voicemail I have cleared it out and it should work now. I get so many junk email messages it fills up my voicemail box and now I have to delete them then go into the deleted folder and delete them from the deleted folder. But smartphones are going to make our lives easier.
    Richard Hoffman

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