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Thread: Iron Sight Recommendation for M10/45

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    Iron Sight Recommendation for M10/45

    I have received both my Lage uppers for my incoming M10/45. I need to get a set of "iron" sights. Any reason I can't use an inexpensive set like Magpul's folding sights, or other lesser sights? Not sure I'm going to use optical sights but I do have a red dot to try on it. I tried to order Lages's sight set, $125+-, but they are back ordered, and my stimulus check is almost gone.

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    I have magpul flip ups and they work just great; maybe it's just me, but its a subgun not a precision rifle and anything more expensive than the basic stuff rapidly approaches the limits of diminishing returns. Depending on your stock (comb) height though you may want lower profile sights. And if you like the way certain sights look, well its a subgun which for a lot of us is basically just a fun noisemaker so go hog wild and make it look as cool as you want

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    MBUS slights should be just fine but often you can get a simple red dot for about the same price. I've become a fan of the cheap Sig Roemo 5. I havnt beat on one yet since the most used one I have is on an AKV. Not quite select fire nor is it an application that will beat it to death. They can be found for less than a set of the Lage sights.

    Like Med has said, keep an eye on the comb height. Don't want to end up with a chinweld.

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    I started out with ar sites.

    Went with a cheap red dot.

    Now have those diopter h&k sites from rtg.

    I like them the best. They are low and fast to aquire & line up.

    They also don't seem to wiggle in the sight picturs when doing longer bursts like the red dot does.

    But that is probably just sight perception.

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    I've got a set of Magpul flip-up sights on my MAX-31. I shot the Iron Sight class at Knob Creek with them a year or so ago, and they did great.

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    I tried the Magpul MBUS but just found them... eh. Bought the Lage BUIS when it came out and I've been happy ever since. Lower 1/3 cowitness with my Primary Arms red dot, can't complain.

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