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Thread: Firing Pin Retaining Pin Broke

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    Firing Pin Retaining Pin Broke

    Good evening all,

    As the title says, my firing pin's retaining pin broke. I'd like to try and figure out what I can do as far as replacing it, and also figure out why it happened so it doesnt happen again.

    I dont have a UC9 and know that the UC9's firing pin is different than a standard (?) semi Uzi firing pin, but are dimensions for the retaining pin hole the same so I can just use a UC9 retaining pin? Looking around I dont see any other options, so I imagine my only alternative would be trying to make a pin myself, but I'm open to suggestions.

    As far as what caused it, one idea I read is that it could have been caused by a build up of pressure due to too much lube in the receiver. Can anyone speak to that? I was noticing some decent wear on the firing pin assembly so was putting a decent amount of CLP in there which would make sense. I'm also pretty sure my top cover is too tight on the bolt (I've found two lines of wear on top of the bolt coinciding with the the two ridges of the top cover) so perhaps that's related as well?

    Any expertise you guys can share is greatly appreciated.

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    Hey, how ya doin? I'd call up Brent at us barrel shrouds. He's they guy for everything Uzi. Great guy, and helped me out with my uc9, and his replacement firing pin fit perfectly. As far as the top cover gap, look up the maintenance section in the uzitalk library and there it mentions the proper gap specs.

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    I got a pin for my uc9 at us barrel shrouds. Worked excellent

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