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Thread: New Production MP-44 Magazines

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    New Production MP-44 Magazines

    There are new MP-44 Magazines being made in Korea and are sold by Numrich and I assume others. I purchased 2 of these magazines to try. I was happy to find magazines for the MP-44 given the cost of originals right now. Unfortunately even at $30 they are not a value.

    Both of my magazines work fine if you only load 10 to 11 cartridges in the magazine. Loading more than 11 rounds causes my gun to jam. The rounds present themselves nose down. When the bolt tries to strip a round, the nose of the bullet simply impacts the front of the magazine. I do not know if this is an issue with the spring the follower or the design of the magazine itself.

    If you want a 10 round magazine they are great. When I get time I may try sort out what caused the problem.

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    May want to measure the distance from a resting bullet to front of mag wall on original vs aftermarket. May need to take a file to it or adjust the feed lips for presentation angle.

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    Hi All,

    Had the same results as the OP. I did take the mag apart, cleaned, lubed lightly and it seemed to work well after that. Funny thing. Even with "factory" mags, the MP44s I've shot liked the magazine pushed forward while shooting. Don't know why. It just seemed to help.

    As usual,



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